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We’re in the business of keeping you in business. Whether you’re in the market to rebuild, refurbish, or rehabilitate your Taylor machine, trust Hugg & Hall. As a company, we put you first!

We stand behind our work and have continued to prove ourselves year after year. 

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  •   State of the art rebuild facility


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What is rebuilding?

  • Rebuilt is a process in which equipment is renovated to 100% manufacturer standards. All machine components are returned to zero hour specifications.
  • A rebuilt lifttruck is the highest quality, lowest priced option compared to purchasing a new truck. This process gives you the greatest peace of mind knowing your equipment will continue onto a long operating life.

Benefits of rebuilding

  • In the current economy, many consumers may find it difficult to fit the purchase of a new lift in their budget. Even when a new lift is in the numbers, companies may decide to have their machine rebuilt for other reasons.


What is refurbing?

  • A refurbished machine is given an extension on life. Unlike rebuilt machines, refurbished machines are brought to peak used performance. This option is less costly than a complete rebuild, but includes a less advanced repair process.

Benefits of refurbing

  • A complete rebuild can be costly and is not always necessary in all applications. After a machine is refurbished there is a lengthy extension of life for the machine. This option is great for older machines that are not ready for retirement.


What is rehabilitation?

  • We all know the importance of preventative maintenance, but sometimes your machine needs some extra TLC. An affordable way to get more use out of a machine is to have your machine rehabbed. This method will get you by while saving or researching a replacement.

Benefits of rehab

  • When considering your options, rehabilitation of your machine may be something you are considering. When looking into rehabilitation, it is important to note that this method is the “get-by” option. Consumers saving for new equipment often choose this method of repair.

Rebuild Facility

State of the art facility. Maximizing performance.

  •   XX,XXX square foot facility built in 20XX
  •   X XX Ton cranes to generate higher efficiency
  •   In house fully stocked paint booth
  •   Ultra modern machine shop

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