12 Ways to Prevent Sickness & Injuries This Winter

With winter quickly approaching, it’s important to be up-to-speed with common, cold-related, illnesses and injuries and the preventative measures that can be taken. We’ve assembled a list of quick tips and takeaways to keep you one step ahead of the cold this winter to prevent sickness & injuries.

  1. Update Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with the colder weather in mind. It’s important to consider the health of employees and coworkers. Make it a priority to ensure that workers are wearing weather-appropriate gear and clothing to protect their health and well-being.
  2. Energy level is an important factor to consider in the winter. Workers can reduce fatigue by limiting activities which create heavy sweating and/or reduce circulation. Also, keeping water and warm fluid available to workers can prevent dehydration and boost energy.
  3. Encourage workers to regularly exercise. While regularly exercising is an individual choice, the habit can boost the immune system so it can’t hurt to remind employees/coworkers of this fact.
  4. Encourage coworkers/employees to avoid touching their face during the flu season. People who occasionally touch their eyes and nose are more likely to develop frequent upper respiratory infections than hands-off folks, according to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Occupational Health.
  5. Also, encourage workers to avoid smoking if possible and to prioritize getting sufficient sleep. Both smoking and lack of sleep increases one’s risk of catching cold-related illnesses. Avoiding these activities prevent sickness.
  6. Enacting a buddy system is a great procedure to use to ensure each employee is monitored for health/well-being issues.
  7. Keep health-related reminders clear and visible to employees, such as: “Wash Hands” or “Warning: Authorized Personnel Only.” Signs and markings are helpful when communicating potential hazards to workers.
  8. Clearly communicate emergency procedures to workers and regularly practice/remind workers of said procedures.
  9. Keep areas clear: make sure pathways, work areas and stairways are clear from unnecessary items that could create injury.
  10. Improve lowly lit areas. Clearly highlight areas that are difficult to see in darker conditions. Light pathways, entries, low-clearance ceilings and other lowly lit areas. Reflective lights can be useful when considering dimly-lit work areas.
  11. Apply tread tapes to areas with a tendency to ice or are slippery, such as: stairs, doorways, ramps, handrails and other high-risk areas.
  12. Label areas that are hazardous in icy or cold conditions by inserting signs or labels to areas predisposition-ed to create slips, trips and falls. Examples of problem areas are door entries, parking lots and staircases.

We hope these tips assist you to prevent sickness and injury this winter!

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