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Employee Spotlight: Brian Robinson

Meet Brian Robinson! Robinson works as a Regional Rental Sales Manager in northwest Arkansas and has been with Hugg & Hall for more than 15 years. Robinson is originally from Harrison, Ark., but has lived throughout central and northwest Arkansas and now resides in Fayetteville. In his role as a Regional Rental Sales Manager he plays an integral role in developing customer relationships, coaching rental team members on how to be successful and much more. 

Robinson worked in material handling sales at Allied Products before joining Hugg Hall as an Outside Rental Salesperson. He recently spoke on the many hats one must wear when working in the equipment rental sales business. 

There is not a typical day in equipment rental land,” said Robinson. “When you are in the business of selling time on equipment in day, week, month and year blocks, time evaporates very quickly. Its multi-tasking and juggling while most importantly seeing that our customer service level stays at an all-time high and our customers keep coming back while we continue to find, grow and cultivate new ones.”

Robinson expanded on how, in his position as a Regional Rental Sales Manager, it is especially important to operate with a customer-focused attitude and to continually seek out methods of better serving Hugg & Hall customers. 

“Seeing that our rental sales managers, and rentals sales teams are in the trenches touching as many customers and potential customers as possible and building relationships, while also closely watching rental equipment inventory levels and seeing that our equipment gets on rent and stays on rent in all markets across Arkansas,” said Robinson. “It’s an ultra fast-paced segment of our business and I love it. The busier the better.” 

When asked, Robinson said that his favorite memory at Hugg & Hall is a time when he was able to successfully build and maintain relationships with new customers. 

Favorite memory was my first big job that I truly owned,” said Robinson. “I had rented equipment to every contractor on the job at the Lowe’s store in Van Buren. I developed strong relationships with customers that I still have today.” 

Robinson enjoys spending time with his family and said that the older he gets the more he appreciates family. He is married and has four children. 

“Amanda is an oncology nurse (don’t know how she does it, huge heart), 19 year-old twin sons Will and Wyatt are sophomores currently attending the University of Arkansas (where most of my money goes), 15 year-old stepdaughter Cierra (whew, girls, I still have a lot to learn about daughters but she’s a real dandy and keeps me laughing), last but not least an 11 year-old (red-headed) stepson Evan who is an ambassador to Arkansas Children’s Hospital and one of the 10 kid ambassadors to Children’s Miracle Network nationwide… not to mention one of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet,” described Robinson. 

When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time outdoors, on the river and back roads. 

“One can find me in my vintage canoe casting a Ned-rig on the Kings River,” said Robinson. “Or catch me cruising dirt roads in the upper Buffalo River area on my dual sport motorcycle. I have learned that you have to check out mentally/physically and have some me-time to recharge the batteries.”

He said that coworkers might be surprised to know that he plays guitar and drums and in high school wanted to be a rock star (yes, he did have a mullet). 

The company would like to send out a huge thank you to Robinson for all of his hard work and dedication throughout the years!

Customer Service Series, Part 5: The Importance of Listening

Customer Service Series, Part 5

Hugg & Hall Equipment Company is dedicated to providing excellence in customer service. The company strives to continuously improve and created the “Customer Service Series” as an outlet for sharing customer service ideas and strategies with the purpose to both enhance the experience of the Hugg & Hall customer and to provide a place for collaborative thinking. 

Customer service is a concept that elicits various ideas and strategies. Hugg & Hall created the Customer Service Series to provide a place for ideas and collaboration, especially as it relates to how company professionals serve their customers. Brian Robinson, Regional Rental Sales Manager at Hugg & Hall, recently spoke on the make-or-break importance of customer service in the equipment rental industry.  

“Exceeding the customers’ needs first and foremost,” said Robinson, when asked to define great customer service. “Blow their mind. My customer service mission is: ‘Listening, Acting, Following-up, Thanking, Repeat!’”

When asked to describe why customer service is so important to an organization, Robinson stressed that Hugg & Hall is a service company so valuing the customer relationship is intrinsic. 

“We are a service company and we must all carry that mindset, said Robinson. “They are the boss. It can be the success or death of a company in today’s business world.”

When thinking about customer service as a whole, it’s important to not think too broadly or to eliminate the significance of day-to-day interactions with customers, according to Robinson. 

“We’re getting there,” said Robinson. “It’s hard work and it never stops. We keep digging in and improving one deal at a time. One mishap, ball-drop, sleeping at the wheel and our customer can be gone.” 

Robinson said that members of his team can improve by honing their listening skills and learning how to identify solutions to customers’ needs. 

“Listening,” said Robinson, when asked how his team could improve. “Really, really listening to what our customers’ needs are and following through on meeting and exceeding their needs.” 

The biggest obstacles to great customer service are not paying attention and not following through, according to Robinson. Not understanding their client’s needs and not following through on obligations can be detrimental to the trust necessary for a good customer relationship. 

“Not paying attention to the details, not truly listening to the customers needs,” said Robinson on the topic of bad customer service. “Most importantly not executing on their needs. I guess what frustrates me is when people take the lackadaisical approach on customer service. They just go through the motions with no excitement, no extra.” 

Robinson views client service as trainable and fluid and understands it as a method of differentiating one’s business from that of a competitor’s. 

“It’s definitely trainable,” said Robinson of client service. “It’s just important that they keep an open mind and listen to what works and duplicate that over and over again. As our business gets more and more competitive, we have to separate ourselves at being the best at customer service. This is key.” 

Managers can motivate their teams to better their customer service skills by framing it as a mutually beneficial concept. 

“It puts more dollars in their pockets,” said Robinson. “A great customer service experience resonates with people and it’s contagious. This equates to repeat business and new business thus more money to the old checking account. It’s that simple. 

Robinson also noted that coworkers should hold each other accountable in relation to customer service because they are representing the entire organization and it can affect more than their personal reputation. 

“They represent Hugg & Hall and we strive to always be the best,” said Robinson. 

When asked what his advice would be to those seeking to improve their customer service skills and what one thing he’d like each Hugg & Hall employee to remember about customer service, Robinson again emphasized the importance of listening in order to implement effective customer service. 

“Listen, listen, listen to the customer,” said Robinson. “Let them talk. Listen to the customers’ needs closely, walk the customer through what works best for them, exceed what they were after in the first place (give them the cake, the icing and plate of brownies). Blow their minds, build their confidence in you and your company. Duplicate this over and over and you become a customer service wizard.” 

Employee Spotlight: Melinda Speer

Employee Spotlight: Melinda Speer

Melinda Speer

Meet Melinda Speer! Speer has been with Hugg & Hall for more than 23 years and works as a Fleet Maintenance Coordinator at the company’s Little Rock, Ark., location. She is absolutely essential to the process of ensuring that rental equipment is maintained and ready-for-operation before machines are delivered to job sites. 

“Demanding and challenging,” said Speer, when asked to describe her job at Hugg & Hall. “My main job duty is to keep the rental equipment ready to rent by working with the service department to ensure a quick and cost-effective repair.”

Speer said that the things that have motivated her to stay at the company for so long are the relationships she’s made throughout her time, an allegiance to the organization and an affection for what she does. 

“Over the past 23 years I have built a lot of good relationships and made some really good friends,” said Speer. “There are two things that have kept me at Hugg & Hall: loyalty and I love what I do.” 

Speer is a native of Paragould, Ark., but has lived in Little Rock for more than 30 years. She is married to her husband of 25 years, Doug, and has one daughter and two granddaughters. Outside of work, she enjoys going to the gym and spending time at the lake. 

When asked, Speer said that her coworkers might be surprised to know that she can barefoot waterski and was a competitive bodybuilder for five years.

The company would like to send out a huge thank you to Speer for all of her hard work and dedication throughout the years!

How Hugg & Hall is Meeting Toyota Standards Through ASEC Certification

 How Hugg & Hall is Meeting Toyota Standards Through ASEC Certification

Members of the Hugg & Hall El Dorado, Ark., branch proudly accepting their ASEC certification

In order to comply with the stringent requirements that Toyota expects of their dealers, Hugg & Hall Equipment Company (Hugg & Hall) is implementing some changes to their aesthetic and parts and service processes. 

Toyota requires that their dealers abide by the After Sales Service Evaluation & Certification (ASEC) program. ASEC is Toyota’s method of promoting their organizational philosophy of kaizen. Kaizen is a philosophy which encourages continuous improvement in small steps throughout all members of an organization. 

The ASEC program promotes Toyota’s concept of providing improved operational quality and excellent customer service through accuracy, caring and trust throughout the entire dealer network. Basically, ASEC is a method of differentiating the brand from competitors by expecting dealers to consistently deliver high quality service and steady operational procedures that align with Toyota’s standards. 

Recently, Tracey Gibbs, Corporate Parts Manager at Hugg & Hall, spoke on some of the changes the company is implementing and why they are important to the entire organization. 

“Hugg & Hall has implemented the ASEC program in two of our branches so far this year, Oklahoma City and El Dorado,” said Gibbs. “The third branch, Springdale, will be certified in October. ASEC has given us a whole new culture that puts us at a higher level of professionalism. From our Parts warehouses, to Service shops and vehicles, and to our facilities, we have become more organized, productive and efficient for our customers.”

Many of the changes involves ensuring that shops and warehouses are organized and labeled to ASEC standards. See some examples below: 

How Hugg & Hall is Meeting Toyota Standards Through ASEC Certification How Hugg & Hall is Meeting Toyota Standards Through ASEC Certification How Hugg & Hall is Meeting Toyota Standards Through ASEC Certification How Hugg & Hall is Meeting Toyota Standards Through ASEC Certification

Hugg & Hall is proud to have met the high standards of Toyota in two of their branches, already, and looks forward to successfully attaining ASEC certification at more branches, in the future. 

Members of the Hugg & Hall OKC branch proudly accepting their ASEC certification

Members of the Hugg & Hall OKC branch proudly accepting their ASEC certification

Material Handling Attachments

Material Handling Attachments

Push Pulls 

Push pull attachments offer shippers/warehouses an alternative to pallets. Push pulls are able to slip under and hold loads on slip sheets (cheaper than pallets). These attachments are ideal for specific loading operations that don’t require pallets yet still have significant loading needs. If you have sufficient loading demands but are searching for a way to ax pallets from operations, you might want to consider whether a push pallet attachment could be right for your work site. 


Another material handling attachment that can greatly affect productivity is the rotator attachment. Rotators are attachments that can be added to uprights which enable your machine to invert or dump materials. Rotators are often used on job sites to dump scrap, waste, liquids, minerals, boxes with loads like fruit/grains/vegetables and other materials. There are both mechanical and hydraulic options available. 


The sideshifter attachment allows machines to move their carriages in a side-to-side motion. The expanded ability to move is ideal for many functionalities. It’s particularly suitable for stacking and job site functions that require precise carriage positioning. Sideshifter attachments are typically available in models that fit most forklift carriages. 


One material handling attachment that can be used for a variety of purposes are clamps. Clamps are durable, user-friendly, multi-faceted and effective attachments that are frequently used to pick up and move products. Clamps have the potential to help companies decrease unsafe work environments, increase efficiency and decrease damages to products, while eliminating the need for multiple workers to accomplish the handling task.

Fork Positioners

Another attachment that is frequently chosen for material handling functionalities are fork positioners. Fork positioners improve the accuracy of forklift operations, reduce damage to pallets/products and improves overall safety. Fork positioners are a hydraulic alternative to repositioning forklift forks, allowing equipment operators to adjust positioning from where they sit. This is especially ideal for those moving a variety of types/shapes of pallets. 

Load Handlers

A useful material handling attachment are multiple load handlers. Multiple load handlers enable users to lift multiple pallets at once. Perfect for warehousing and plant operations requiring a lot of load handling involving pallets, multiple load handlers can create a more productive and effective operation. Multiple load handlers feature double sideshifters, single-double pallet handlers and are capable of loading and unloading up to six loads. 

Employee Spotlight: Cleopatra Williams

Cleopatra Williams

Cleopatra Williams

Meet Cleopatra Williams! Williams works as a Field Service Coordinator at the company’s Jonesboro, Ark., location. Her role in field service contributes to the success of the service team (of course) but also contributes to the success of parts operations and other company goals. 

“A day for me for me at Hugg & Hall is a day of hustle and bustle,” said Williams. “There is never a dull moment and always something to do. Whether it is providing support to our technicians or to other departments. I enjoy putting a smile on the face of our customers.”

When asked, Williams noted the great relationships she maintains with coworkers as the highlight of working at Hugg & Hall. 

“My co-workers are my favorite thing about working for Hugg & Hall,” said Williams. “They are definitely my family. I know that someone at Hugg & Hall will put a smile on my face. My co-workers have been extremely helpful to me and they make coming to work worth it. That of course does not include the numerous pranks that have been played on me, i.e., taping my desk drawers shut or covering the bottom of my mouse with tape.”

Williams was born in Newport, Ark., but moved to North Carolina at the age of seven and didn’t move back to northeast Arkansas until the age of 32. She currently resides in Jonesboro with her five-year-old daughter, Amera, who she says “makes life worth it each day.” Family is very important to Williams and she visits her mother in Atlanta every other month. 

“I would like to be completely lazy outside of Hugg & Hall, but that can’t work,” said Williams. “I love spending time with my daughter. Making her happy is at the very top of my list.”

However when she does get some free time, Williams loves to read and enjoys new experiences. 

“One of my favorite hobbies is reading,” said Williams. “I can block the entire world out by getting cozy on my couch with a great read. I don’t really have a crazy skill, but I am open to trying almost anything once. No snakes or heights.” 

Williams said that one thing her coworkers might be surprised to know is that she is a very tenderhearted person and her eyes might get a little watery when watching some of the more touching movies or commercials. 

“I cry at the drop of a dime,” said Williams. “The commercials with the mistreated animals, Titanic or any other movie where a main character dies and news stories will bring on the tears for me. I am a mushy person and I conceal that from those around me.” 

The company would like to send out a huge thank you to Williams for all of her hard work and dedication!

Why You Should Buy Parts Made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer

Why You Should Buy Parts Made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer

There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing OEM parts as opposed to cheaper, off-brand alternatives. Here are a few things you should always consider when comparing between the two. 

They are tested and certified

One of the best reasons to always use OEM parts is the authentication and dependability they provide. Using non-OEM parts is always a gamble: they are not tested, retested and certified like the OEM parts so cannot provide the same consistency and reliability that OEM parts can. When you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to roll the dice, OEM parts can give equipment owners the assurance that they will fit and perform well. It’s hard to put a price tag on stability, especially when you’re juggling many other decisions and don’t have time for surprises. 

It’s financially responsibility 

Purchasing parts distributed by the original equipment manufacturer will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. OEM’s  are engineered by and for your machine so they come with inherent guarantees that non-OEM parts do not. This assurance promises that you will not have to buy two parts when the first one does not fit or does not function properly. OEM’s are genuine to the machines for which they are constructed and, while the upfront cost might be more, your dollar is likely to go farther because they usually last longer and function more efficiently. 

Peace of mind

To reaffirm, OEM parts, in contrast to non-OEM parts, are proven to decrease the total cost of ownership, it protects your machine’s resell potential and in some cases will safeguard any warranty you may have in place. Purchasing OEM’s will ensure that the manufacturer can provide you any support services relating to the parts you buy. So, if you have any issues they can help you troubleshoot and provide you advice that they otherwise might be unable to do. Simply put, OEM parts will provide you the peace of mind and reliability that non-OEM cannot.