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Employee Spotlight : John Sefcik

Collaborations and growth are continuously occurring at Hugg&Hall.  With this growth, we have acquired phenomenal employees that now call Hugg&Hall home. One of our newest employees, John Sefcik, made the transition to Hugg&Hall with the redistribution of Scott Equipment Companies Toyota Material Handling brand. His combined service marks 24 years! 


Sefcik works as a Sales Representative in Central Louisiana. In his 24 years of service, he has been in several different positions including Outside Rental Sales and Construction Equipment Sales. His tenure in the industry began soon after his graduation from Louisiana College with a BS in Business Administration.

There is great commitment and pride that goes into being a Sales Representative. John says the job, “keeps him on the move interacting with customers in all kinds of industries.” He wants customers to reach out to him for anything. Even if he cannot help, he will get the customer to someone who can help.

John’s understanding of the local industry comes from his upbringing in Alexandria. Today he, his wife and daughter live just across the river in Pineville, LA. In his free time, Sefcik enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his family.

Over the years John has realized he cannot go without his morning coffee. When asked what he wants customers of Hugg&Hall to know he said, “We are a great team of people and good at getting things done!”

We would like to thank John Sefcik for his tenure and dedication to hard work. Without his attention to detail, customers would not receive the exemplary service Hugg&Hall is known for.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2020. We updated it for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in February 2023.

COVID-19 News Release

To Our Customers: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic response, many local governments are issuing “stay at home” orders with exceptions only being made for “essential businesses”— generally being defined as those industries and types of work whose incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, economic security, public health or safety, or any combination thereof.

For states that have adopted the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency guidelines (CISA), Hugg & Hall Equipment is considered an essential business because of our critical role in servicing material handling and other equipment that is essential to supply chains providing vital products to the public. Our services and products provide support that is critical for day-to-day operations to a variety of organizations including; federal and local government organizations, logistics and distribution organizations, energy, food and agriculture, and other industries as well. We are committed to providing services as needed and can support our customers in the service, repair, and rental of material handling and industrial equipment.

As a result of these “essential business” classifications, we are able to continue servicing our customer’s onsite as normal, or in accordance with any adjusted protocols your organization may have put in place due to the crisis.

To date, we have not experienced any disruptions or delays from our suppliers regarding equipment or parts. In addition to already being very well stocked with inventory, we have been assured by our manufacturing partners that they are equipped and prepared to deliver the equipment and parts necessary to keep our customers operational. We continue to monitor any new developments that could impact our customers, employees and suppliers that could disrupt our ability to service your equipment needs.

Rest assured that we adopted and implemented practices recommended by the CDC for our technicians and office/sales personnel to prevent exposure and avoid the spread of Covid-19 to keep our employees, customers and communities safe.

Hugg & Hall Equipment is committed to helping our customers maintain their operations during this difficult time. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can best serve your equipment needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.