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𝗦𝗣𝗢𝗢𝗞𝗬 construction 𝗛𝗢𝗥𝗥𝗢𝗥 stories

To celebrate Halloween, we’re sharing some of the creepiest jobsite stories we were able to dig up. From ghoulie superintendents to unwelcomed finds underground, these misfortunate jobsites are full of crazy claims and even crazier sightings– enough to scare the bravest contractors.

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To celebrate Halloween, we’re sharing some of the creepiest jobsite stories we were able to dig up. From ghoulie superintendents to unwelcomed finds underground, these misfortunate jobsites are full of crazy claims and even crazier sightings– enough to scare the bravest contractors.

Winchester Mystery Mansion

In 1881, Sarah Winchester became exceptionally wealthy seemingly overnight after inheriting nearly 20.5 million dollars (500 million today) following the death of her husband, wealthy rifle business owner William Winchester. Already grieving after the unexpected passing of their only daughter,  Sarah was now childless, widowed, and completely alone. 

Unsure of her next steps, she turned to a psychic medium — who is the driving force behind this bizarre story. The psychic advised Sarah to move out West to make amends with the many restless souls murdered by Winchester Rifles. 

This sparked a 38 year construction on a mansion made up of seven floors, 300 rooms, 13 bathrooms, two ballrooms, six kitchens, 47 fireplaces, two basements, and three elevators. It also boasted 10,000 panes of glass and 2,000 doors.

According to legend, Sarah’s intention was to confuse and mislead the angry spirits who haunted her. She used a Ouija board to communicate with the spirits, who advised her on what changes to make to the house — resulting in doors like this opening to nothing but the air.

It’s rumored that her carpenters worked all day, every day, rotating in shifts to meet her ever-changing demands. However, Sarah payed her workers 50% more than the average wages of the time so the staff was more than happy to satisfy her commands.

Today, after many earthquakes and much-needed renovations, only four stories and 160 rooms remain. But all of the original mystery is still intact. Was Sarah trying to escape the spirits she believed haunted her, or did she simply get lost in her own blue prints?

The Ted Bundy House

You have probably heard some of the horrific acts committed by the hands of Ted Bundy, but according to one contractor, there’s something especially spooky about the childhood home of this infamous serial killer. 

Casey Clopton, a home remodeling contractor in Washington, was hired to do some renovation work on the house in October of 2016, according to the New York Post.  Shortly after entering the property, Clopton started noticing some strange happenings, all before he even knew the history of the house, he claims.

Clopton told the Post that several electronics, like cell phones, began to die or get unplugged without an explanation.  Some of the furniture would also fall over without anyone in the house.  Perhaps most frightening were the messages he found written in drywall dust on the floors and windows that said “leave” and “help me.” 

The Post explains that, “Things apparently got so bad that Clopton penciled Bible verses on the walls, and called in two pastors to bless the house before continuing work. The pair reportedly went from room to room, reading scriptures and saying blessings.” After the renovation was complete, the house reportedly sold for $335,000.

Human Specimen Excavation 

As if tales of ghosts and hauntings at the famous Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas isn’t disturbing enough, a landscaper at the hotel recently discovered something pretty creepy buried on the grounds — calling for a full blown archaeological excavation to take place.

Among the many tales about the history of the hotel, is one about Norman Baker, a self proclaimed medical “doctor” who secured fame as well as state and federal prison charges by promoting a supposed cure for cancer in the 1930’s.

The team found some bottles containing what appear to be tumor and tissue samples preserved in alcohol while others hold a tincture once marketed as a cancer cure. Together, the vessels tell the story of a sinister chapter in the state’s medical history. 

The discovery is identical to those that appeared on an advertising poster of the late Norman Baker, which remains on display in the hotels museum to this day. 

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Employee Spotlight: Jon Bailey


Say ‘hello’ to Jon Bailey, a Product Support Sales Representative, stationed at our Texarkana branch. Jon works with the Product Support Sales Team to create seamless, stress-free transactions for our customers. Representatives like Jon are always on the run and their day rarely ends at 5:00.

Jon understands the struggles customers deal with on a daily basis, and his previous work at a chemical plant allow him to excel at Hugg & Hall. Additionally, growing up in Magnolia and living in Texarkana help Jon uphold the values and expectations of local industry.

When Jon is not working, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and hanging out with his friends and family; wife Kimberly, and two children Dylan and Presley. Recently he has even taken up leather tooling, which he believes is a lost art – and wanted to make himself familiar with the process. Jon also loves music and songwriters, when asked what is something people may be surprised to know about you, Jon said, “I like learning about the story behind the songs. Nashville, TN is my Disney World.”

Dealing with customers and helping make their jobs easier is Jon’s favorite thing about working for Hugg & Hall. He loves to get to know the customers and to know more about what is going on in their lives. He always makes sure his clients know Hugg & Hall is a family owned business and that our owners are very much involved – and that we are willing to go the extra mile for all our customers.

After each interaction, Jon wants each customer to feel like it was a visit from a friend and to be able to see how much he truly loves his job, while assisting with product support. To Jon, “No is not an answer, we can make it happen!”

Hugg & Hall appreciates the work Jon Bailey does as a Product Support Sales Representative and thanks him for his service and dedication, while upholding the values of the company.