8 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Jobsite For Fall

Fall construction has unique safety challenges that can impact projects and jobsites. Use these safety tips to prepare your jobsite for fall and help prevent accidents and equipment damage. 


1. Provide adequate lighting with balloon lights or light towers

Daylight Savings won’t end until early November this year, but the days are already getting shorter. Consider adding balloon lights to your jobsite! These lights are versatile and illuminate everything around them evenly, making it easier to avoid shadows. They have diffused light, which eliminates glare and makes night work easier on the eyes. 


2. Prepare for colder temperatures by adding portable heaters

As temperatures start to drop rapidly in the evenings and remain chilly the following morning, it’s important to have portable heaters to keep your staff comfortable and safe. 


3. Provide power for lights and heaters

Your jobsite might not have needed additional power during the summer, but with winter approaching, generators can keep your space warm and well-lit. 


4. Clear leaves and debris 

Leaves can become slick with rain or dew and can hide uneven ground, increasing the risk of falls or equipment damage. They can also block air intake and exhaust on equipment. Keep a sweeper or leaf blower on hand to clear your jobsite of leaves, and remove any leaves from equipment or vehicles. 


5. Take precautions when it rains

Be prepared for muddy terrain and wet surfaces. If possible, set up drainage on your jobsite to remove mud and use gravel to increase traction. Hose off equipment at the end of the day to avoid jams caused by mud. 


6. Consider providing overhead protection

If your jobsite is outdoors, you now have to consider both sun and rain. As leaves fall, jobsites that had plenty of shade will now be exposed to the sun, and sudden storms can cause equipment shutdowns and put employees in danger. Overhead protection, like construction tents and canopies, can help with both problems. 


7. Store equipment and materials

Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage

To avoid leaves and debris, you can store your equipment in an enclosed space to protect it. A good option is to rent a portable storage container. You can rent one from Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage by visiting their website or calling 501-562-1267.

Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage is an affiliate company and separate from Hugg & Hall Equipment Company. We do not rent portable storage containers.


8. Prepare for winter

If your project will extend into winter, you should begin preparing winter emergency kits for your drivers and equipment operators. Kits can include water, nutritious snacks, blankets, a flashlight, an ice scraper/snow brush, and more. 



  • Prepare for winter early by renting lights, heaters, and generators. 
  • Be prepared to clear mud, additional debris and leaves from your jobsite. 
  • Store your equipment properly. 
  • Think ahead to save yourself from additional costs and lost time.

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