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A Vertical Mast Lift Can Solve Your Compact Lifting Problem

A Vertical Mast Lift Can Solve Your Compact Lifting Problem

A Vertical Mast Lift Can Solve Your Compact Lifting Problem

What are vertical mast lifts?

These lifts provide a solution for high-reach access in narrow/tight spaces. Often used indoors, vertical mast lifts are safer and more efficient than ladders and give users secure access to very high access points, allowing for a productive, full-access and protected workspace. Vertical mast lifts are often available both in push around or driveable variants to accommodate user needs. 

Vertical mast versus scissor lifts

These lifts are similar to scissor lifts but incorporate a multi-stage mast system which functions with a smaller footprint than most scissor lifts. Another difference between the two machines is that vertical mast lifts are equipped with extensions elongating the platforms beyond the equipment’s base. Scissor lifts are often the ideal choice for a job site but there are many times when compact lifts like vertical mast lifts are more appropriate. If you will be working indoors and require a highly maneuverable machine with a compact size, a vertical mast lift might be the best choice. Another factor to consider is whether there will be a power source onsite so that a machine with the appropriate functionality can be selected. 

Benefits of vertical mast lifts

Vertical mast lifts offer an option that is highly compact, maneuverable and adjustable. When not in use, these machines can be retracted to a convenient, storable size. Because of it’s retractable capacity, these machines are also very versatile in nature and can be adjusted per the needs of the user. Vertical mast lifts are ideal for situations that are very confined, require a high level of mobility/rotation and/or when there’s a limited number of people available at the site (or just one person). These lifts are comparably much smaller than other types of lifts and are very portable. 

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