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& More

Our ampersand means more!

With over 60 years in the equipment industry, “& MORE” has become our specialty. We are more than sales, rental, parts & service – we are Hugg & Hall.

& MORE Our CULTURE allows employees to work together and create comprehensive solutions for customers. Without support from peers, the specialized equipment and product support that Hugg Hall has become known for would be impossible to provide.

& MORE Formed in 1956, Hugg & Hall has a HISTORY that other companies strive to reach. With equipment brands and relationships that surpass industry standards we truly make our customers’ needs our own. Each year we continue to receive awards from our distributors and partners that reflect the true efforts of our team. 

& MORE Our company has a strong VISION that through team leadership, teamwork & dedication we can achieve any goal. This is possible by providing products & services to our customers; opportunity & enrichment from our employees; & value to our suppliers.

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