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Hugg & Hall: Most Common Misspellings

Hugg & Hall: Most Common Misspellings

Here at Hugg & Hall, we see a lot of spelling variations! Seriously—just check out some of our top searches on Google: 

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    • Hug and Haul
    • Hug n Haul
    • Hug and Hall 
    • Hugg and Haul 
    • Hugg n Hall
    • Hugg
    • Hall Equipment
    • Hog & Haul

If you’ve ever misspelled Hugg & Hall, you’re not alone! (And honestly, we’re happy to be associated with hugs and equipment hauling.)

No matter the spelling, we’re glad you made it! Here’s an easy way to get to our Homepage

Curious about where we got our name? Meet our founders! 


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