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Construction Safety Week: Jonesboro Safety Council

Construction Safety Week: Jonesboro Safety Council

Construction Safety Week

Strong Voices, Safe Choices.

Employees at our Jonesboro, AR branch are taking that message seriously. In 2022, they formed a branch-wide Safety Council dedicated to discovering, reporting, and solving safety concerns. 

According to member Nicole Pfeifer, Jonesboro created the Safety Council to ensure every employee works in a safe environment every day. “Our days are very busy, so each member keeps an eye out for safety concerns. We are here for other employees to voice their concerns to, and we acknowledge employees who perform tasks using proper safety techniques.” 

At their monthly meetings, the committee discusses any safety concerns, such as certifying more employees in CPR training and increasing the number of times their oil bins are drained each month. Nicole Pfeifer said, “There have been exercises we use to encourage every employee to think ‘safety first.’ We brought in a basic first-aid and adult CPR instructor who taught a class. We also have a council member who visits our field technicians to ensure their work environment is safe. 

Jody Brittain, Jerrod Brown, Maurice Torres, Curtis Newell, Nicole Pfeifer, Kelly Goldman, Shaun Laxton. Absent: Justin Jacobs, Roger Edwards.

Every member of the Safety Council addresses all serious issues and safety violations immediately. Member Shaun Laxton said “We encourage every employee to speak up if they see something that needs to be fixed. Immediate concerns are handled right away, either by one of the members or another qualified employee. The council has made an impact on how promptly safety concerns are handled. Our team is identifying hazards and fixing them right away, and making sure daily tasks are performed with proper PPE.”

What is Construction Safety Week? 

Every year, Construction Safety Week raises awareness of the industry’s commitment to building a culture of safety. Participants share best practices, resources, and tools across the US and Canada. 

Construction Safety Week was founded by members of The Construction Safety Initiative (CSI) and the Incident & Injury Free Executive Forum (IIF). 


Interested in learning more about safety? Check out our Industry Standards page. 

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