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Customer Service Spotlight: Cliff Woods

Customer Service Spotlight: Cliff Woods

Meet Cliff Woods!

Cliff Woods is a Field Service Technician in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Cliff joined Hugg & Hall in 2021. He’s a US Army veteran who is originally from Natchez, Mississippi. After his military service, he moved to Baton Rouge. He loves Baton Rouge because he’s close to his hometown, but the big city offers more opportunities for himself and his sons. 

Cliff usually starts the day with a full agenda. He first loads up the parts he needs to help his customers. “I travel to the customers’ locations and meet with my contacts to see if they have any equipment that needs my attention.” Cliff then addresses each concern in the customer’s order of importance and fixes what they need up and running immediately. On the off chance Cliff’s agenda isn’t full, he inspects the lifts and gets operator feedback about any problems they may have with their lift. 

Outside of work, Cliff likes to ride his motorcycle and is a dedicated father to his two sons.


Cliff was recently recognized for his work ethic and knowledge. 

Cliff takes pride in doing his job well, and his customers and managers have taken notice! Daniel Smith, Planning and Logistics Manager at SNF Flopam, shared how much help Cliff has been to their team. 

“Cliff Woods is one of the best workers on our site. We depend on him for a lot of things. He always manages his time well, and he’s always present, safe, and consistent. He’s very knowledgeable, and yet, he’s still open to learning more. Cliff is always professional and represents Hugg & Hall well. People know the company, and they trust Hugg & Hall more because of Cliff. It’s more than brand recognition—it’s a belief that Cliff will display great workmanship. That’s what sets him apart.

“Cliff provides a lot of value to us. He makes suggestions that improve the quality of our fleet, and he’s helped us come up with better ways to care for our equipment and handle maintenance issues. He is a daily reminder of the value of our SNF/Hugg & Hall relationship. In management we often get to tell people exactly where they aren’t measuring up, so it’s refreshing to share how Cliff continues to exceed our expectations. We appreciate his commitment to excellence!”

Another associate with SNF Flopam, David Comeaux, praised Cliff for his character and work ethic. 

“Cliff always goes above and beyond with his workmanship, knowledge, and desire to help with every situation. His demeanor is always positive no matter the circumstances. He will take on jobs that he has no experience with and excel, because he wants to learn and complete what is asked of him. If I had to pick a worker as my best employee, through all my years, it would be Cliff. Last but certainly not least, he is an honest man.” 

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