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Branch Spotlight: Amelia, LA

Adrian Francis, Kenny Pellegrin, and Cody Danielson.

Meet the members of our Amelia, LA branch: Kenny Pellegrin, Cody Danielson, and Adrian Francis! 

Our Amelia branch might be small, but these guys are responsible for a lot of business! They help keep Bollinger Shipyards’ operations going, and they also cover territory across southern Louisiana. Kenny rents out equipment, Cody is in charge of repairs, and Adrian ensures the equipment is in tip-top shape before it leaves for a jobsite. 


Kenny Pellegrin

Kenny is our Onsite Rental Coordinator. He’s been with Hugg & Hall for almost two years.

Kenny Pellegrin with his family.

A Louisiana native, Kenny has a strong connection to the culture and land. He grew up in Houma, and his great-grandpa on his mom’s side was once chief of the United Houma Nation tribe. “I love how unique south Louisiana is, with all the cultures and traditions that have been around since well before my time.” 

At Hugg & Hall, Kenny’s primary responsibility is to make sure Bollinger has the necessary equipment and service to get their jobs done in a timely manner. “The most interesting thing about my job is the many duties everyone at this location does on a daily basis. We take on so many roles to get the job done.” 

Kenny said that one of his favorite things about working at Hugg & Hall is “knowing I’ll eventually get to visit every branch to see how everywhere else operates, and getting to meet different people from different departments.” 

Outside of work, Kenny enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. He loves to hunt and fish, and he coaches a travel softball team. He also spends a lot of time hanging out with his family.


Cody Danielson

Cody is our Rental Equipment Field Technician for Amelia and has been with Hugg & Hall for almost a year. 

Cody Danielson

Originally, Cody hails from Nacogdoches, Texas. He moved to Louisiana with his wife and two kids.

As a kid, Cody got to experience a lot of the continental U.S. because of his dad’s military service. Throughout his childhood, Cody lived in Texas, California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Mississippi! 

Cody starts his day by giving the shop a good deep clean before the shipyard opens and starts working. “Next, I work on down equipment at the shop, and when a service call comes in, I go and get the customer back up and running.” 

When he’s not fixing up equipment at Hugg & Hall, he’s a family man first and foremost. You can usually find Cody spending time with his family in his free time. 


Adrian Francis

Adrian is a Rental Equipment Inspector who works in both our Amelia and Houma branches. He’s been with Hugg & Hall for a year. Adrian Francis

A Chauvin resident, Adrian loves the area he lives in. He said that the people, the community, and the seafood have kept him living happily in Louisiana. 

As Rental Equipment Inspector, Adrian helps keep jobsites moving. “I inspect all equipment coming in or out and make sure it’s rent-ready for customers.” He said that the most interesting part of his job is getting to operate different equipment on a daily basis. 

Outside of the office, Adrian is a middle school football coach and flag football player. He also loves to spend time with his family and friends. Before his grandpa passed, Adrian used to sit with him and listen to stories about his grandpa’s military service in Desert Storm. 

His favorite thing about working for Hugg & Hall is “getting to come into work and work around some great and helpful people.” 


We’re proud of our Amelia branch employees! Thank you for all the hard work you do every day! 

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