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Employee Spotlight: Austin Pitchford

Employee Spotlight: Austin Pitchford

Austin Pitchford

Meet Austin Pitchford, Rental Equipment Yard Manager at our Oklahoma City Branch!

Austin has been with Hugg & Hall for five years and has become a master of multiple positions. He started as a Field Service Tech for the rental department before transferring to Rental Fleet Parts Specialist. In December of 2022, Austin accepted the position of Rental Equipment Yard Manager. As the Rental Equipment Yard Manager, Austin ensures equipment is rental-ready, maintains yard organization, coordinates maintenance, and ensures safety policies are followed.

Austin’s experience with the rental fleet team has prepared him for his position as manager. As Parts Specialist, Austin handled the parts orders for the rental fleet. He’s still a great resource for his old service team: you can find him helping out in the shop. He prides himself in lending a hand where anyone needs it: “I love everyone I work with. I worked hard to show them what I’m worth, and they helped me out.” He loves working with a team willing to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

Austin’s technician experience goes way back. “I’ve been wrenching on stuff since I was a little kid. I had a cousin who worked here at Hugg & Hall, and he was the only tech they had at the time. The company was expanding and needed help. We were at my house one day when he saw some work I’d done on my car, and he suggested I apply.” 

During his first few months, Austin had to learn the ropes. He said he had to call tech support quite a bit, but he caught on quickly. He appreciates the diversity of equipment he gets to work on at Hugg & Hall: “It could be anything from a plate compactor to a 135-foot boom lift, so it keeps it fresh.” 

When he’s not working, Austin enjoys drifting, motocross, and working on cars. You can also find him spending time with his family and his three dogs: Waylon, Violet, and Honey. His favorite quote is from Joe Dirt: “Life’s a garden. Dig it.” 

Austin Pitchford standing next to a tan-colored van in the snow. He is holding a medium-sized black dog. A smaller white terrier is looking out the passenger window of the van. There are mountains in the background.

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