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Employee Spotlight: Brady Frazier

Employee Spotlight: Brady Frazier

Meet Brady Frazier, Field Service Coordinator in Tulsa, OK! 

Brady Frazier joined Hugg & Hall in 2022. He’s an Oklahoma native, raised in Owasso. Brady’s a big believer in family, and loves living in Owasso because he’s close to his family and his in-laws. Brady with his golden retriever

As Field Service Coordinator, Brady is responsible for dispatching field technicians to repair equipment. He schedules the customer repairs and makes sure he has the techs available. “The most interesting part of my job is finding creative ways to solve various issues. It’s almost like solving a puzzle with different people, personalities, and variables as the pieces.” 

Brady loves the environment at Hugg & Hall and says he’s learned so much since he started. He said that his favorite part of the day-to-day at Hugg & Hall is “the humor around the building. My coworkers at my branch love to tell jokes and have fun.” 

Outside of work, you can find Brady spending time with his family and Peach, his golden retriever. He loves to hang out with his wife, Wendy, and his five-year old niece, Harper. He’s a self-proclaimed sports nerd, and he specifically enjoys professional wrestling. He enjoys playing basketball too!

We love to know our employee’s favorite quotes. Brady’s is from Kobe Bryant: “Everything negative—pressure, challenges—is all an opportunity for me to rise.” 

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