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Employee Spotlight: Jim Hancock

Employee Spotlight: Jim Hancock

Meet Jim Hancock!

Jim is our Light Construction Sales Manager for the Little Rock area. He was born and raised in Stuttgart, AR and currently resides in Mayflower, AR with Amy, his wife of 23 years. 

Jim has been with Hugg & Hall for 28 years! He calls himself a “lifer” and has pursued varied positions during his time with Hugg & Hall. He started his career as an Inside Rental Coordinator. Jim advanced quickly, becoming the 2nd Outside Rental Salesman in the company before moving to the Light Construction department. He returned to Rental Sales as manager for a few years, then became Light Construction Sales Manager. Jim says that his favorite thing about Hugg & Hall is the “opportunity for career advancement when your duties have been exceeded and noticed.” 

Jim’s proudest moment with Hugg & Hall was during his tenure as Outside Rental Salesman. He was the primary rental salesman during the construction of Alltel Arena (currently Simmons Bank Arena) in North Little Rock, AR. 

When asked about his daily responsibilities, Jim said, “It’s never dull, for sure. We have 30+ salesmen calling, we’re constantly monitoring inventory levels so the ‘guys’ have something available and ready to sell, we’re finding used equipment abroad, putting out fires  when equipment goes down, working with the Service Department, answering sales calls, getting parts expedited, answering calls, and keeping good relationships with vendor reps. The list is long.”

Outside of work, Jim is an avid hunter. He enjoys “chasing critters with friends and family.” His favorite quote is from his father, Dr. Rex Hancock, a conservationist. “Conservation needs more than lip service… more than professionals. It needs ordinary people with extraordinary desire.” 

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