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Employee Spotlight: Kobe Scrape

Employee Spotlight: Kobe Scrape

Remember in July, when we highlighted our intern Kobe Scrape? We’re excited to spotlight him again for his work compiling a comprehensive guide to our new Point of Rental System! 

Kobe immediately took initiative when informed about our new standard operating procedures. During his time with Hugg & Hall, he has written instruction copy for our Point of Rental Guide and filled in specifications and photos for each piece of equipment. This guide allows customers to see and read the different options, sizes, and power types for each piece of equipment we offer for rental.

Kobe was raised in Jonesboro, AR. He’s attending the University of Arkansas and he’ll graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business. Kobe chose Hugg & Hall for his internship because he says it’s a “necessity”: “without companies like Hugg & Hall, most factories, buildings, events, etc. would be unable to operate or even exist.” He loves the atmosphere and says he feels accepted and welcomed. 

Kobe enjoyed the opportunity to write and compile information because he’s been able to assist the company “in taking a huge step in a new direction.” 

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