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Employee Spotlight: Michelle Mortensen

Employee Spotlight: Michelle Mortensen

Michelle Mortensen in her home office. Say hello to Michelle Mortensen, Accounts Receivable Lead based out of Alabama! 

Michelle’s Time at Hugg & Hall 

Michelle has been at Hugg & Hall for almost three years. Her day-to-day includes billing, reviewing credit applications, and handling collections and reports. 

Michelle was made for the analytical work of AR. She said, “I really like building reports and numbers, and my favorite thing about my job is that I’m always learning something new.”

However, she’s not just a numbers person. Michelle also does customer service, interacting with customers and helping answer their questions. She’s a problem-solver and loves speaking with our customers. 

During her first year at Hugg & Hall, Michelle witnessed a cyberattack that briefly took down Hugg & Hall’s web infrastructure. She said that “Everyone came together after the cyberattack. That’s one of my favorite memories of working here. Even though it was a difficult time, everyone worked together to get us back up and going.”


More About Michelle

Michelle was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. After living in Little Rock, AR for several years, she made the decision to move back to be closer to family. She now lives in Birmingham, Alabama and works from home. 

Outside of work, you’ll find Michelle spending time with her friends and family. She has four kids, ages 28, 26, and 17 (twins). She’s even expecting her first granddaughter! She said, “We are over-the-moon excited.” 

A busy woman, Michelle also has several hobbies that occupy her time. “I play pickleball, attend church groups, crochet and craft, I read… I’m up for almost anything!” 


Michelle’s Philosophy on Life

We love to hear our employees’ favorite quotes. Michelle’s is a special one that guides her. 

“Do not worry about your life. Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” 

Many may not know that Michelle’s husband almost passed away in 2020. She says that after that experience, she realized that day-to-day worries aren’t really all that pressing. 

Michelle said, “After that experience, I try not to worry too much.” We admire her positive attitude and her strength of will. 


We want to say thank you to Michelle Mortensen for all her hard work as AR Lead! 


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