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Employee Spotlight: Rodney Cantrell

Employee Spotlight: Rodney Cantrell

Meet Rodney Cantrell, Shop Service Technician in Muskogee, OK! Rodney Cantrell

Rodney recently celebrated 31 combined years of service with Hugg & Hall and Southern Material Handling Company! He worked at SMHC before Hugg & Hall acquired the company in early 2022. We’re so glad to have such a dedicated employee on our team!

Rodney is a Muskogee local, born and raised. He loves living in Muskogee and said “My family is from here, so it feels like home.” 

As a Shop Service Technician, Rodney’s always working on something new. “My work day is never boring; there’s something different going on every day. I could be performing a major repair, such as a transmission or engine repair, or doing accessory installations.” 

Rodney’s favorite part of working at Hugg & Hall are all the memories and the good people he’s worked with over the years.

At work, Rodney lives by some sage advice from his Vo-Tech instructor: “If you don’t have time to do a job properly, then you’d better have time to do it twice.” 

Rodney's stock car

Outside of work, Rodney is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys camping and hunting ducks and deer. He’s a retired volunteer firefighter and a current dirt track racer.

Rodney races a factory stock car locally, and he got into racing as a teenager by helping his uncle out with his car. “When I was able to, I got my own car, and I’ve been racing off and on the rest of my life.”

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