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Employee Spotlight: Spencer Hale

Employee Spotlight: Spencer Hale

Say hello to Spencer Hale!

Spencer works as the Utility Services Divisional Manager for Hugg & Hall and has been with the company for 10 years! In his position as Utility Services Divisional Manager he plays a key role in being reactive when customers are presented with unexpected downtime caused by utility issues. In addition to his duties onshore, Spencer works with operations in the gulf to assure they receive adequate utility services that will withstand the harsh sea spray.

There is a great passion behind Spencer’s work, he takes pride in getting customers out of a bind and creating excelled customer satisfaction. When speaking with him he said, “It’s great when you can turn potential customers into great personal relationships!”

Spencer’s hometown and current residence is Springdale, AR, but he has lived in several states due to his previous 15-year employment with Walmart as a Project Manager.  Spencer’s current role, at Hugg & Hall, can change day to day, “Each day is different,” he said, “You never know what the day will bring.   You can try and plan your day out and inevitably, it will change.” In his world it is important to understand the difference in maintaining units that are both on and off-shore to keep customers happy.

At home Spencer has his hands full with 2 sons, Bryar & Ledger. He enjoys camping, hunting & fishing, but spends much of his time cycling in Northwest Arkansas; whether road, gravel or mountain biking. When asked, Spencer said that cycling is what, “tends to keep him sane.”

In his years at Hugg & Hall, there have been many great memories made, but what Spencer has enjoyed most is the team being presented with Allied Member of the Year 2019 and the company’s tenure, “I love that this company has longevity.  It is very common to see people that have been here 20, 25, 30 years.”

Spencer is grateful for the accessibility to listen, speak to & take suggestions from a VP or owner at any time. Hugg & Hall would like to send out a huge thank you to Spencer Hale for his hard work and dedication throughout his 10 years of service.

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