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Employee Spotlight: Victoria Parrish

Employee Spotlight: Victoria Parrish

Victoria Parrish on a pink Toyota forklift.

Meet Victoria Parrish, a Paint Shop Tech in El Dorado, AR! Check out her work on this pink Toyota forklift for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Victoria is from Fouke, AR: “Home of the legendary Bigfoot. I’ve never found him.” She moved to El Dorado when she married her high school sweetheart in 2020. 

As a paint shop tech, Victoria can be found painting machines and batteries, as well as prepping for paint jobs by taping machines. She enjoys painting and learning more about the craft. 

Victoria recently celebrated her one-year work anniversary with Hugg & Hall. She says that working at Hugg & Hall is “a lot of fun and I work with good people. Lots of good times.”

Pink Toyota forklift with pink fork for breast cancer awareness.

Outside of work, Victoria enjoys painting canvases rather than machinery. She also does digital art and writes occasionally. Victoria says she likes to use a couple different shades of the color pink in her art, and we think she knocked this forklift out of the park! 

We enjoy learning our employees’ favorite quotes and philosophies. This is Victoria’s favorite quote: “The road to success is always under construction. It takes time, but you’ll get there. Keep trying. You’ll make it.” 

We love featuring our employees! To read more about our awesome staff, check out our Employee Spotlight page. 

Victoria and the Paint Shop team work on custom projects for our customers too! To get your equipment custom-painted, contact

Victoria Parrish prepping the Toyota forklift for painting.







Victoria Parrish painting the Toyota forklift pink.







Caption: Victoria Parrish prepping/painting a Toyota Forklift

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