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Forklift Tires: Which Type is Right For Your Machine

Forklift Tires: Which Type is Right For Your Machine

Which Tires Are Right For Your Forklift?


Forklift tires are available in a few different options, each designed with particular intents and purposes. So, here’s a quick guide to help determine which tires are right for each forklift and jobsite.

The three types of forklift tires, include: cushion, solid pneumatic and air pneumatic. It’s important for forklift operator and pedestrian safety to select and use the correct tires for the appropriate environment and function. Check out the below breakdown on which tires are right for what tasks.

  • Cushion tires are manufactured with solid rubber and are installed by directly pressing them against the wheel of the forklift. The advantage of cushion tires lies in their smoothness of motion, efficiency and amplified maneuverability. The primary functions suited for cushion tires include indoor and paved sites, like warehousing and plant applications. Cushion tires are not suitable for use on uneven surfaces, like gravel and rutted outdoor areas.
  • Pneumatic, or solid, tires are created with solid rubber and is a popular tire choice among forklift owners. The popularity of pneumatic tires may steam from their versatility. Designed to facilitate both indoor and outdoor uses, pneumatic tires are ideal for forklifts with flexible functionalities. Perfect for machines with multiple functions, the few downsides of choosing pneumatic tires lie in the more expensive upfront costs and the slightly less smooth (as compared to cushion tires) indoor application. Having said that, the cons of solid pneumatic tires are far outweighed by the advantages which, to name a few, include durability, multi-functionality and resilient characteristics. 
  • The final type of forklift tire is air-filled pneumatic. These tires are also created with rubber but, like the standard car tire, is filled with air. The advantage of these tires are that they feature deep tread, heavy-duty materials and are ideal for rough, outdoor applications. For forklifts intended for operation in uneven, outdoor environments, air-filled pneumatic tires might be the best option.

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