Forklift Maintenance | When It’s Time For New Forks


There is a lot of pressure on your forklift, literally and figuratively. They handle an immense load, so if one were to break while in use, not only would it cause a loss in production, but could also cause a workplace injury or damage to your property. ANSI standards require forks to be inspected at least once per year, for single shift operations, and OSHA requires all powered industrial trucks, including forks, be examined daily or after each shift if they are utilized 24/7, following these regulations and performing regular forklift maintenance are crucial.


Here are some things to look for when inspecting your forklift:


Thickness of forks (should be measured with calipers).

The fork’s metal wears down slowly, however, it will eventually wear down enough that the forks will no longer be able to handle their original capacity. A 10% wear can reduce load capacity by 20%. At this point, forks must be replaced!

Surface cracks.

Each fork should be inspected from end to end while paying close attention to the heel and the welded areas attaching the forks to the lift truck. If cracks are seen, forks need to be replaced.

Tip Height.

Forklift tips should be at about the same height. If the difference between the height of each tip exceeds 3% of  the length of your blade, then the forks need to be replaced.

Positioning Lock.

Inspect the positioning lock and fork retention devices to be sure they are working properly.

Blade Shank

If the blade or shank are bent, the fork is no longer usable and should be replaced.


Forklift Replacement


If an inspection reveals damage or excessive wear, the forks should always be replaced in pairs. Failing to replace in pairs will cause loads to be uneven and potentially cause the forklift to tip over. Loads being uneven can also put unnecessary strain on the mast and other components of the lift. 


If you have further questions about your forklift or forklift maintenance, please contact your local Hugg & Hall Service Department or fill out a contact form, and one of our team members will get back to you shortly!

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