Protecting Your Equipment From Theft

How to Protect Your Equipment From Theft

There’s no way to perfectly protect from theft, but there are some measures you can take to reduce your risk. Here are some tips for keeping your equipment protected!

Check your locks!

The obvious first step to protecting equipment is to have secure lock and fence protections in place. That being said, if these protections are not maintained that can lead to disrepair and decreased security. It’s a good idea to create the habit of checking any locks, fencing and other systems that you have in place so as to ensure their reliability and effectiveness. It’s clearly better that you identify any weaknesses before potential criminals do.

Check your cameras!

Many companies employ security systems that include surveillance cameras, while this is an effective measure of preventing and/or documenting criminal activity, it will not be successful if cameras aren’t regularly checked and properly maintained. Our second suggestion is to check your cameras often. Make sure to check that they are operating effectually, positioned at effective angles, are not recording over old footage as a default and that there’s plenty of light in the surveilled areas.

Have a secure process!

Another important step in the process of keeping your equipment safe is to always have procedures in place. If you are planning on renting your equipment then ensure that each renter is properly vetted and to always have a paper trail of identity verification and credit checks. Having a standardized way of operating, that each person in the process maintains, will discourage potential thieves and better protect your equipment. And, if your equipment is stolen anyway, you will have the resources and information necessary to better assist law enforcement with recovering your property.  

Register equipment!

It’s always a good idea to register your equipment with databases like the National Equipment Register (NER). These databases store and maintain your equipment information and VIN numbers so that when/if equipment is stolen, law enforcement can use the stored identifying characteristics to track down and, hopefully, locate stolen items. The American Rental Association (and other like organizations) have partnerships with databases that provide an extra layer of security and a contingency plan in the unfortunate event that your property is stolen.

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