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Hugg & Hall Featured In Volvo CE Video

Hugg & Hall Featured In Volvo CE Video

Hugg & Hall Featured in Volvo CE Video

Hugg & Hall Equipment Company Featured in Volvo Construction Equipment Video

Little Rock, Ark.–

Hugg & Hall Equipment Company (Hugg & Hall), with locations throughout Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, was recently featured in a video produced by Volvo Construction Equipment, as part of a spotlight on customer, Riley Paving.

Hugg & Hall proudly provides Riley Paving, an asphalt company, parts and technical services focused on minimizing downtime caused by any issues related to their Volvo machines.

“We’ve gotten really good service out of all of our equipment,” said Casey Riley, superintendent of operations at Riley Paving, in the video. “The Hugg & Hall guys, they’ve really come a long way with these machines.”

“The service and service response, I guess, to me is more important than the value of the equipment,” said Riley. “If a dealership does not have the service to back their equipment up, they just will not sell it. But as far as working with the guys, we all have a great relationship. I mean, if you have a problem, you call them, they address it.”

Multiple representatives at Riley Paving attested to their satisfaction with the services Hugg & Hall has provided their operations.

“We’re happy with Hugg & Hall, Volvo, altogether,” said Chuck White, principal and estimator at Riley Paving, in the video. “They’ve been tremendous and I would recommend it to anybody in the asphalt business.”

The service that Hugg & Hall provides is very important to companies like Riley Paving because one malfunctioning machine can inhibit an entire project from timely completion.

“The up time is quick response from our techs and our service department,” said David Jordan, a heavy construction salesperson at Hugg & Hall, in the video. “As you can see, you know, one machine goes down in this operation, it holds up the whole chain.”

Hugg & Hall is grateful for their partnership with Riley Paving and looks forward to continually providing excellence in parts and technical services.  

Check out the video below.

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