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Kardex: A New Way to Organize Parts

Kardex: A New Way to Organize Parts

Introducing the Kardex Remstar Storage Stacker, a vertical automated Parts Stacker! 

How does it work? 

Kardex Parts Stacker

The Kardex Parts Stacker saves time and space by keeping our stored parts organized and easily accessible. Our Oklahoma City Parts team has been hard at work pulling inventory and organizing it into the vertically arranged trays. 

You can think of Kardex as a smart elevator for your parts storage. It scans the height of parts and finds the ideal storage location to maximize space in the unit. The Kardex also programs its movement speed for the weight of each product: it uses slower speeds for heavier parts and faster speeds for lighter parts. It even keeps the parts that are ordered most often on lower levels, so it takes less time for them to be lowered. 

When a customer places a parts order, the Kardex machine connects to our system. It selects the tray with the product and lowers it. The shutter doors open, and out comes the tray and the product. 


90% of our parts inventory will be stored in the Kardex. Only especially large parts will need to remain on racking. 

The machine went live August 15th. Oklahoma City is the first of our branches to have this equipment and we hope to see it at all locations soon! 


How does the Kardex machine help our customers?  

Kardex is a more organized method of storing and organizing in-stock parts. It will help us be more efficient getting these parts to you. Faster order fulfillment = less time waiting. 

Contact our Parts department for more information on which parts we have in stock! 

To learn more about the Kardex machine and other products, visit Kardex Remstar Warehouse Software Solutions.

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