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Meals That Matter and Hurricane Harvey Relief

Meals That Matter and Hurricane Harvey Relief


Tyson Foods and the Meals That Matter Team recently completed a deployment to the Houston area to assist in Hurricane Harvey relief. We were proud to have had a small role in this relief. Hugg & Hall’s Utility Services Division’s generator was sent to Texas, not originally knowing how it could best be used, but later becoming a huge asset to one Downtown Houston church.

The following statement was sent to Hugg & Hall by Pat Bourke, Tyson Foods’ Corporate Social Responsibility Department.

Big shout out to Hugg & Hall for use of the generator! Our actual setup site had shore power, so we didn’t use the generator there, but it came in handy for one church in downtown Houston.

This church was feeding many victims & first responders at ground zero, and Tyson was providing them product, but they could only take 30-40 lbs. at a time. After our second delivery, I asked the youth pastor if the church had any access to cold storage. He said they had a very large walk-in freezer at their main campus, but that entire end of the city was without power. I asked him if he had an electrician on hand—he said he had two.

Later that afternoon, we placed the Hugg & Hall generator at the church—one hour later the walk-in freezer was up and running. Two hours later we were making a significant product delivery.

Hugg & Hall’s generator was a game changer for that church and the victims and first responders in the immediate area they were feeding.

Thanks again for the support!

Thank you, Tyson Foods, for caring about this area and Hugg & Hall is proud to have a continued role in the Meals That Matter Team!

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