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Meet Nic Cole, Rental Manager

Meet Nic Cole, Rental Manager

For June, we decided to highlight Nic Cole in our El Dorado, AR branch. Nic was just recently promoted to the role of Rental Manager. He recently answered a few questions for us about his new position and his hobbies outside of the office.

Where is your hometown?

El Dorado, AR

How long have you been at Hugg & Hall?

14 months

What is your favorite thing about working for Hugg & Hall?

I enjoy the fast-paced environment and how everyday brings a new challenge.


Do you have a favorite memory of your time here at Hugg & Hall?

We did a training down in Lafayette, LA in April. It was nice to meet some of the people in person that we talk to on the phone every day.

Tell us a little bit about what a day in the life of a Rental Sales Manager looks like.

I will go out and see customers, talk to them on the phone, etc. I am in the office making sure we have all our contracts, financials, and customer needs taken care of. One big thing I try to do is make sure our rental dept. is staying motivated and informed.

What is something that people you work with may not know about you?

I have been raising and breeding high quality Labrador/Golden Retrievers for all most 20 years.

Tell us your favorite quote and what it means to you.

“Do your job”. This is a very simple quote, but if everyone does their job, everything runs smooth.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Hunting, fishing, and enjoying time with my wife & daughter.

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