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The New Load Sensory Requirements: What You Need To Know

The New Load Sensory Requirements: What You Need To Know

There will soon be drastic changes enacted to the current regulation of certified boom and scissor type platform machines, also known as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A92 standards sensory requirements.

One of the most significant changes to prior ANSI standards is the requirement of load sensing on aerial equipment. The prior standard required the machine operator to ensure that the machine was not loaded beyond capacity, as communicated by the manufacturer. The new standard requires manufacturers to incorporate load sensing technology on each machine which restricts overloading by disabling elevating functions when overloaded. The load sensing device will sound an alarm when overloaded, i.e. loads that are not within the rated capacity of the platform, and disable some functions of the machine to prevent unsafe use.

An important factor to note: the updated requirements apply to new machines only and it isn’t required to update machines built prior to the enactment of these requirements

The common ways to overload boom and/or scissor platforms include: adding too much weight to the platform prior to lifting and adding too much weight to the platform after loading.

The important changes to scissor lift regulations are:

  • Load sensory enactment via angle sensors
  • Load sensory enactment via pressure transducers and/or
  • Load sensory enactment via load sensing pins

The important change to boom lift regulations is:

  • Load sensory enactment via load cells

Regardless of the load sensory technology implemented, machines operators will be notified of overloading through both audible and visual alarm systems. In order to proceed with use, operators will be required to exit the machine and remove the extra weight from the platform until the alert systems have ceased.

Manufacturers, rental fleet companies and contractors, alike, will need to be informed and educated on these changes and how to communicate operational adjustments to users and customers.

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