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Resolutions: 10 Tips For Reaching Your Goals In 2019

Resolutions: 10 Tips For Reaching Your Goals In 2019

10 Tips For Reaching Your Goals In 2019

The new year is nearly upon us, as such, it’s the time of year for reflection and new resolutions. Goals are easy to make and even easier to break. Having said that, we’ve assembled a list of worthy resolutions and tips for reaching your goals in 2019.

When considering the goals/resolutions you would like to set, think of what you would have and where you’d like to be in the future. Pick goals that bring you closer to this picture. It’s easier to stick to goals when you have an image of where they can ultimately bring you. Once you’ve decided on what goals to set, we’ve assembled a list of tips to keep in mind which may help you reach them.

  1. Think About Adding vs. Eliminating 

    While eliminating negative habits and activities are worthy of consideration, don’t forget about adding positive habits and activities. Think about what you’d like to add to your personal life or professional pursuits and take steps toward achieving these goals.

  2. Start Small 

    A major pitfall with resolutions is setting your sights too high. Think about setting large goals and smaller goals within the broader picture. Go into the new year with the notion that each prodigious goal may not be met but that the smaller markers will ensure that, if the big milestones have not been met, your goals remain closer to reaching fruition.

  3. Focus on Accomplishment vs. Failure

    Focus on what you’ve accomplished versus the goals you’ve failed to reach. A sense of accomplishment is motivating and will inspire you to reach more of your goals. Celebrate your accomplishments and use that momentum to energize yourself for the next goal.

  4. Talk About It 

    Talk about your goals. No one wants to look like a failure and, as such, discussing the projects you are working on will elicit questions and keep you on track to completion.

  5. The Fluid Approach

    Goals tend to be rigid in nature. However, it may prove more attainable to enact a fluid approach. For example, instead of vowing to cook every night, try cooking one more night a week than typical. This will help you form the habit which will make it easier to then reach the larger goal. 

  6. Think Broad

    Elaborating on the prior point, consider broad goals versus specific as a tactic to achieving goals. For example, aspiring to travel somewhere new is broader and may be more attainable than to set a goal for a lavish, beach vacation. Furthermore, a broader goal will help you be more creative in reaching it. 

  7. Create Habits

    Consider adding a positive habit to your list of resolutions for the new year. Research suggests it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Think about some positive new habits you can form for your professional/personal aims; you could realistically incorporate your new habit(s) by February. 

  8. Track Progress

    Track your progress. Keeping documentation of how far you’ve come will encourage and stimulate you to not give up. It’s easy to forget the progress you’ve made when there aren’t signs of your progress, avoid this pitfall by tracking your development and checking it regularly.

  9. Employ The Buddy System

    Even if your goal isn’t fitness-related, employing the buddy system is a surefire way to keep you both motivated to completing tasks and staying on track for success. Even if each of the buddies has a different goal, the regular reminder will keep you accountable and up the odds of success. 

  10. Don’t Give Up 

    The biggest step is to not give up. Try some simple steps to keep yourself motivated so as to not lose steam. Don’t sweat the small stuff and celebrate your accomplishments.


We’ve assembled a list of worthy goals to help you brainstorm for your resolutions for the new year. Some admiral professional/personal goals:

*Develop your role

*Add to your work toolbox

*Learn a new skill

*Make a habit of saying thank you

*Practice patience

*Find a mentor/be a mentor

*Learn something new

*Create positive habits

*Exercise more (of course)

*Get more sleep

*Volunteer more

*Practice gratitude

*Spend more time outside (garden, bike, hike, fish, etc.)

*Quit smoking/other vices

*Be more social

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