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Scary Stories to Tell on the Jobsite

Scary Stories to Tell on the Jobsite

Happy Halloween! Do you think you can handle hearing some of the creepiest jobsite scary stories we could dig up?

Scary Story 1: The Haunting of Poinsett Bridge  

Poinsett Bridge was constructed in 1820 in Greenville, SC. It’s the oldest surviving bridge in South Carolina and possibly the entire southeastern US. Visitors often claim it’s haunted by spirits of construction workers who passed away on site. 

Visitors to Poinsett Bridge report ghostly encounters and practical jokes alike. Glowing orbs of various colors are reported to float around the bridge and fly straight towards visitors before disappearing. Some report loud screams, being grabbed, and seeing white figures wandering around the bridge. Perhaps most inconvenient is the often-cited car trouble, with visitors claiming their cars won’t start when they want to leave.

Scary Story 2: The Ghost Bride of Birmingham City

Construction workers in Birmingham City, a city in the United Kingdom, were shocked when a CCTV camera captured a video of a ghostly woman wandering their site. A motion detector captured the footage in the middle of the night, but when security began patrolling moments later, the woman was gone. 

Workers claimed that the woman appeared to be floating through the site, and nicknamed her the “Ghost Bride” due to her white dress. Many said they had trouble sleeping after seeing her on the CCTV. 

Scary Story 3: The North Arlington Haunting 

In 2012, a construction worker quit his job after he reportedly saw the ghost of a young girl on the jobsite in New Jersey. The crew was moments away from demolishing the house of Margaret Febrey, who lived there before her passing in 1913 at 14 years old. 

The worker alerted his crew that he saw a girl inside the house, but when the team searched inside for her, she was nowhere to be found. She appeared on the steps outside before vanishing into thin air. The worker who first saw her must have read too many scary stories: he quit his job on the spot.  

Demolition was halted on the 99th anniversary of Margaret’s death to honor her life. 


While we can’t guarantee that you won’t experience something spooky, we can help ensure your jobsite runs smoothly! Hugg & Hall has rentals, parts, service, and sales to make sure you have one less thing to worry about. 

Have you ever had a spooky or scary experience on your jobsite? Let us know

Did you spot the eight ghosts in the photo above? 

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