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8 Easy Ways to Secure Your Jobsite for the Holidays

8 Easy Ways to Secure Your Jobsite for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—for everything except your unattended jobsite. Many construction sites shut down for at least a day during the holidays, leaving them vulnerable. Construction sites are always a potential danger zone for workers and visitors, but the holidays have higher risks of theft, vandalism, fire, and frozen equipment. Do you have the right measures in place to secure your project and help prevent costly damage? If you’re not sure, check out our tips. 

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Securely lock all gates and entrance points.

Check all fencing for weak points and vulnerabilities. Having a secure site removes temptation for a passerby to enter your site. 

Consider adding temporary lighting. 

A well-lit site is less appealing to would-be intruders. 

Determine if security is necessary.

You are the best determiner of whether your jobsite needs extra surveillance or security when unattended. If you invest in security cameras, display signs to let people know the system is in place.

You can also ask if your local police department can include your site on their rounds. However, officers likely won’t enter your work zone. Hired security teams that can enter the site may be a better option of you’re concerned about security. 

Remove or hide equipment and tools. 

To help keep unwanted visitors from taking or tampering with equipment or tools, remove them from your construction site. If this isn’t possible, hide them from view. Always immobilize your equipment before leaving, and never store keys on-site. You never know when someone might want to take a test drive! 

Prepare for inclement weather.

Before leaving your jobsite for the holidays, check the weather forecast. Consider the weather’s effect on your equipment. 

Secure any equipment and temporary fixtures, structures, and materials, which can be blown over by strong winds. Always lower MEWPs, boom lifts, and other light construction equipment. 

When machinery is not in use, consider storing it on wooden planks, platforms, or other raised surfaces. This keeps the tires from freezing to the dirt or tracks. You may also want to park your equipment’s bucket or blade slightly lifted. 

If you are unable to store your equipment indoors, you will need to drain the machine’s fluids. Read our article about winterizing equipment for additional tips. 

Place signage on site. 

Make sure all signage is secured. Known hazards should be clearly marked and emergency contact information should be posted. Always mount “No Trespassing” signs at regular intervals around the jobsite’s boundary and entrances. 

Create an emergency plan and share it with your team. 

Decide who should be contacted depending on the situation and include it in the emergency plan. Post your emergency contact information onsite, so emergency responders can alert you quickly. OSHA’s Emergency Preparedness and Response page has additional resources to help you draft your emergency plan. 

Prepare in advance so you don’t have to be stressed during the holidays. 

There’s a good chance your construction site will be left unmonitored for at least a day during the holiday season. Being prepared for that eventuality and knowing what to do will alleviate your worry and allow you to enjoy your time away for the holidays.

If you or your company need any additional resources, Hugg & Hall is here to help! Interested in learning more about keeping your team safe and your equipment in tip-top shape? Download our complete Winter Prep Guide

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