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Jobsite Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Jobsite Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

What’s new: Temps are rising and the busy season is almost upon us. 

What it means for you: It’s time to give your jobsite or warehouse a thorough spring cleaning. 


Below we’ll go over the benefits of maintaining your job site, tips for a thorough spring clean, and preventative measures to keep tidy year-round.


Reasons to do a spring cleaning:

1. Minimize slip, trip, and fall hazards.

Especially in the weeks after daylight savings time begins, your workers will be even more tired than usual and more prone to accidents. 

2. Avoid unwanted guests (insects and vermin). 

Don’t give them a place to hide, and they’re much less likely to enter your jobsite. 

3. Decrease the amount of wasted materials. 

If your site isn’t organized, you risk losing materials or ordering extra without knowing what you already have. Your employees will also have to navigate through scattered debris and materials, wasting time and money. 

4. Strengthen your company’s reputation. 

Organization exudes professionalism and quality workmanship! 

5. Keep your employees happy. 

A proper organization system and a clean workspace will also make your workers more efficient. When employees are happy with their work environment, they’re more likely to do the job to the best of their ability! 


Jobsite spring cleaning tips and tricks: 

1. Regularly power wash equipment and work area after each use.

2. Keep dumpsters and trash cans easily accessible at all times.

3. Use shop vacuums to easily dispose of loose materials and dust.

4. Section off or create signs for any area that may have unsecured materials.

5. Establish a regular cleaning schedule.

6. Create an organization system for tools, equipment, and other stored items for easy access.


Keeping clean isn’t reserved for spring:

Spring doesn’t have to be the only time of year you show your tools and equipment a little extra TLC!

Here are some preventative measures to keep your workplace clean, year-round: 

1. Make it a team effort. 

Set up a housekeeping system that involves everyone on the team. Focus on the importance of cleaning and removing debris after it has been created. 

You can also assign specific tasks to certain employees to promote accountability. 

2. Keep waste properly contained. 

Keeping a lid on waste, literally, is important—especially when the waste could spill, evaporate or smell. Containers and product drums should be sealed tightly and labeled with the proper safety requirements.  

3. Eliminate the problem at the source. 

The less waste that is created at the site, the less disposal and cleanup is necessary. Choose products with minimal packaging. Measure carefully so you order only the materials you need, in the optimal sizes.



The best time to do a jobsite spring clean is right now! Getting your jobsite in tip-top shape will make work easier and improve safety. 

You can also keep your jobsite or warehouse clean by implementing daily cleans. If you establish a good housekeeping routine, clean-up hassle will be a thing of the past! 


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