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Sustainability Spotlight: Renting Equipment is Greener than Buying

Sustainability Spotlight: Renting Equipment is Greener than Buying

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably curious: is renting equipment better for the environment than purchasing it? The answer is almost always yes, but it does depend on your situation. 

We’ve compiled the reasons why rental equipment is usually better for the planet (and your wallet). But in the end, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your jobsite. 

You'll benefit from shared usage.

Renting equipment immediately takes some stress off your company, both environmentally and financially. By renting, you’re practicing shared usage, which drives down costs for all users and ensures a piece of equipment is used frequently and efficiently.

If you own your equipment, there will be times when it sits idle and slowly loses value. Between the machine’s age and lack of use, owning equipment can end up costing you more emissions and money.

Additionally, renting limits the number of machines being made. It’s a simple idea, but if you purchase equipment, the manufacturer needs to produce another one to replace the one you purchased. Every year, the manufacturing and production sector accounts for 1/5 of global carbon emissions, and new equipment contributes to that number.

When you choose to rent, your company will have access to equipment whenever you need it, and you won’t have to worry about disuse, purchase costs, maintenance, and depreciation. 


You'll have access to newer equipment.

Renting equipment, especially with Hugg & Hall, ensures you’ll be using newer equipment models. Rather than purchasing one machine and then watching it depreciate over several years, you’ll get to consistently use new equipment. 

Newer equipment doesn’t just offer a better operator experience. It also makes you more likely to meet emission-reduction standards than using an older model. As new environmental standards are created, manufacturers must adjust their equipment to meet them.

Beyond the environmental benefit, renting can help save you money. New equipment is often cost-prohibitive, which may lead you to purchase used machines. They are cheaper upfront, but the maintenance costs can outweigh the immediate financial benefit. 


You'll get well-maintained equipment.

With rental equipment, even if you do get a slightly older machine, it’s going to be well-maintained and less likely to be destructive to the environment. Maintenance can prevent the leakage of harmful substances, including oil, gas, antifreeze, and other chemicals. 

You also won’t have to worry about downtime on older equipment like you would if you owned it. If it does break, your rental company will send a technician or a new piece of equipment.

At Hugg & Hall, equipment is inspected every time it returns to the equipment yard, especially after a longer use. And because you don’t own the equipment, you’re also not on the hook for the maintenance costs. 


When renting isn't greener

There are a few situations when purchasing your own equipment can be better for the planet (and more cost-effective for you). Most have to do with eliminating emissions from equipment transportation. 

If you know you’ll use a machine nearly every day, it’s can be better to buy your own machine and avoid getting one transported to you and back to the rental facility regularly. 

Additionally, if your jobsites are close together, or if the equipment rarely needs to be moved, you’ll cut down on transportation emissions by purchasing one and keeping it on-site rather than renting it. 

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Renting equipment is often better for the environment. But it’s nuanced, so you’ll have to do the math and decide what will reduce your overall carbon emissions. If you decide that renting equipment is the solution for your company, it will also help you save money in the long run. 

You can do what’s best for the planet and your pocketbook with Hugg & Hall. Contact us today

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