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Employee Spotlight : Emily Altazin

Emily Altazin – Service Administrator – Baton Rouge

Meet Emily Altazin!

Emily is a Service Administrator at our Baton Rouge branch and has been in the service industry for almost six years. When asked what a typical workday looks like, Emily says “I begin my day by checking and posting payroll. Once that is finished and balanced, I start going through work orders to prep and bill out. By the afternoon, I go through any invoices that need to be submitted for payment, and review and schedule any Safety Alliance training that our technicians need.”

Emily’s favorite part of her job is “definitely the people, we are a family”! A special memory she has while working here was after the flood of 2016. “Since we all live in different areas, some of us took longer at coming back to work. Some of our coworker’s houses flooded while others had family that were affected. It was such a hard time. I remember my first day back, everyone was waiting outside to start the day, and when I walked up, every single person came to hug me. It was emotional and truly showed how caring and great the people I work with are. As everyone slowly came back to work on different days, we welcomed them back with a hug”!

Before her role as a Service Administrator, Emily worked as a Rental Coordinator for Scott Equipment and a Fingerprint Analyst for the Louisiana State Police. Something that you may not know about Emily is that she is terrified of crowds! If she weren’t in the service industry, Emily would “probably be an Office Manager or work in accounting”.

Emily was born and raised in Denham Springs, LA and still lives there with her husband of 19 years Jason, daughter Fallon (age 13), and dogs Sven (age 5) and Gumbo (age 6 months). Outside of work, Emily enjoys camping, hanging out and cooking with family and friends, and LSU football!

When asked to give advice to others in a similar profession, Emily says to “be patient and kind”. We agree, Emily, and are so glad you’re a part of the Hugg & Hall team! We appreciate you!