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Employee Spotlight: Jon Bailey


Say ‘hello’ to Jon Bailey, a Product Support Sales Representative, stationed at our Texarkana branch. Jon works with the Product Support Sales Team to create seamless, stress-free transactions for our customers. Representatives like Jon are always on the run and their day rarely ends at 5:00.

Jon understands the struggles customers deal with on a daily basis, and his previous work at a chemical plant allow him to excel at Hugg & Hall. Additionally, growing up in Magnolia and living in Texarkana help Jon uphold the values and expectations of local industry.

When Jon is not working, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and hanging out with his friends and family; wife Kimberly, and two children Dylan and Presley. Recently he has even taken up leather tooling, which he believes is a lost art – and wanted to make himself familiar with the process. Jon also loves music and songwriters, when asked what is something people may be surprised to know about you, Jon said, “I like learning about the story behind the songs. Nashville, TN is my Disney World.”

Dealing with customers and helping make their jobs easier is Jon’s favorite thing about working for Hugg & Hall. He loves to get to know the customers and to know more about what is going on in their lives. He always makes sure his clients know Hugg & Hall is a family owned business and that our owners are very much involved – and that we are willing to go the extra mile for all our customers.

After each interaction, Jon wants each customer to feel like it was a visit from a friend and to be able to see how much he truly loves his job, while assisting with product support. To Jon, “No is not an answer, we can make it happen!”

Hugg & Hall appreciates the work Jon Bailey does as a Product Support Sales Representative and thanks him for his service and dedication, while upholding the values of the company.

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Dye


Hugg & Hall is a company that strives on longevity, we continue to congratulate our tenured employees. This year, Kevin Dye, a delivery driver in our Fort Smith branch, has reached a 20-year milestone! When describing his work, Kevin mentions, “I pick ’em up and put ‘em down and enjoy, or overcome, different challenges and different people along the way.”

Growing up in the Fort Smith area, Kevin was taught to, “work hard, do your job with pride and integrity, treat others as you would like to be treated, let your bad days be few and far between, for without question many blessings are all around you if you are willing to look beyond your problems long enough to see and receive those blessings.”

Shortly after graduating high school, Kevin joined the United States Air Force and became an aircraft mechanic. His passion and drive have made him a beloved driver to both employees and our customers. Delivery Department Manager Claude Martin mentions, “Kevin has been a loyal dedicated employee for 20 years, he works with high integrity and you can always depend on him getting the job done.” He continues, “Customers give us great feedback in regard to his work performance; bottom line, Kevin is a model driver for Hugg & Hall and he is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working many more years with Kevin.”

When he isn’t working, Kevin enjoys the outdoors, specifically mountains, rivers, creeks & trails. These activities are a great opportunity to spend time with his bride of 25 years, Kimberly, and their growing family a son and daughter who both got married this year.

Throughout his 20 years at Hugg & Hall, Kevin recalls his first day as his most fond memory. Getting to know and share meals with his co-workers have also presented many unforgettable moments. He mentions, “I truly enjoy the friendships I have been blessed with at Hugg and Hall.” He also enjoys the fun challenges that come along with working with trucks and equipment.

Kevin is very proud of his work and wants each customer to know we appreciate their business and that Hugg & Hall is trustworthy, professional and enjoyable to do business with.

Hugg & Hall would like to send a huge thank you to Kevin Dye for his hard work and dedication throughout 20 years of service.

Employee Spotlight: Bryan Hooks


Bryan works as an Outside Rental Salesperson in our Oklahoma City branch. He likes to begin each day just before sunrise, to make time to deliver “happies” (cookies or donuts) to his clients’ jobsites and research new potential partners. While visiting clients, he may find himself taking measurements and making recommendations to assure each customer has the perfect piece of equipment.

With great pride, Bryan and our rental team work together to provide equipment with competitive pricing & delivery to meet the customers’ needs. This includes thinking strategically to provide innovative solutions when issues arise. When speaking with Bryan he states, “I believe every interaction, transaction, or piece of equipment associated with my name should be of the highest quality. I also take pride in simply doing what I say I will do for my customers, every time.”

Growing up in Newcastle and currently residing in Edmond, Bryan knows the Oklahoma City area well. On the job, he works to make sure each customer is confident that all their rental needs are met, within their requested time frame. “I ensure customers know that we are problem solvers, not just order takers.” Bryan continues, “Repeat business is the lifeline of sustainability, so customers satisfaction with each transaction is of utmost importance.”

In addition to being a customer favorite, Bryan lives a very active life. When asked, he mentions he could not live without Jesus or his children, Eli, Noah & Micah. He enjoys playing golf and attending college football games. After work and on the weekends, you can find Bryan enjoying a game of catch with his youngest son, who is the quarterback of his high school football team. Bryan enjoys grilling for his older sons and their friends and meeting for lunch and church.

When asking about Bryan’s past, he mentions that in his days at the University of Memphis, he was crowned Tush Push King of Memphis; he even has the belt buckle to prove it! While in Memphis, Bryan studied Sales & Marketing while playing college baseball. He even played semi-pro after graduation.

In his time at Hugg & Hall, he has worked hard to make everyone smile. With the world on hold because of COVID, Bryan wanted to bring cheer to not only our customers but to the people of Oklahoma City. He dressed in one of his dad’s famous costumes, the Easter Bunny, and waved to passersby traveling on Interstate 35 from a 40-foot scissor. Helicopters from at least two local news stations covered the story and a reporter interviewed him for the evening news.

Bryan’s favorite thing about working for Hugg & Hall has been the teamwork atmosphere and “never say no” attitude. He says, “We have a competitive yet family-oriented sales and management team that always work collectively to help employees achieve our goals.” Hugg & Hall would like to send a huge thank you to Bryan Hooks for his hard work and positive attitude as an Outside Rental Salesperson.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2020. We updated it for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in March 2023.

Employee Spotlight: Trey McClenahan

Meet Trey McClenahan!

Trey works as an Industrial Truck Salesman in our Little Rock, AR location and has been with the company five years!

On a typical day, Trey keeps busy by selling forklifts, meeting new customers and providing solutions to their needs. When asked what his favorite thing about his job was, Trey replied, “There is a new application every day, no two days are ever the same”.

Trey has a long history with Hugg&Hall. In 1997, his mother, Neeli Kinzler, started working here. Trey would often come with her to the office when it was “still okay to bring your kids to work”.

Later, he came back and interned at our Jonesboro location as a sales intern while attending Arkansas State University. Now, Trey is officially a part of the Hugg & Hall sales team!

When Trey is away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Tessie, and their two dogs Bama and Harper. Trey also has a passion for two of his favorite hobbies – duck hunting and fishing.

We are thrilled to have Trey as a part of the Hugg & Hall family! To learn about our other employees, check out our Employee Spotlights page! 

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2020. We updated it for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in March 2023.

Employee Spotlight: Rhonda Griffith

Meet Rhonda Griffith!  Rhonda has been with Hugg & Hall for 20 years and works as our Accounts Payable Manager at the company’s corporate location in Little Rock, AR. 

Griffith is from and currently resides in Carlisle, AR but spent most of her life in Hazen, AR. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Marty and they will celebrate 36 years in May.

They have two children, Ashley and Martin.  Ashley and her husband Kyler live in Cabot, AR where Ashley is a family nurse practitioner. Martin and his wife Courtney live in Little Rock, AR but travel a lot since Martin is a welder and inspector for 798 pipe liners.

In December, Martin and Courtney welcomed Griffith’s first grandchild, Katelynn. Griffith stated, “We are so excited to be Gigi and Pop!”.

Griffith enjoys family time, being outdoors, and has a “green thumb”. She loves planting and watching her flowers grow. In the summer, you can find her relaxing by the pool. Something you might be surprised to learn about Griffith is she was crowned Rodeo Queen and spent most of her childhood on a horse and traveling to horse shows and rodeos.

Griffith says a typical workday is “Crazy, but I love it. Lots of invoices, interruptions, and lots of money being spent”. Her daily job duties include managing a “great group of employees, along with vendor invoices and check disbursements, all the while maintaining a strict schedule to keep us on good terms with vendors”. Each month includes 8000+ invoices to process for payment, fuel cards for over 350 company vehicles and corporate credit cards to maintain. All this keeps Griffith and her team very busy. “I love what I do, but it’s not just the job, it’s the people…I love my Hugg & Hall family!” Griffith stated.

We are thankful for Griffith’s years of dedicated and loyal service.

We enjoy sitting down to talk with our fellow employees! Visit our website for more employee spotlights!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2020. We updated it for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in February 2023.

Employee Excellence: Brandon Brantley

“There are employees that work hard daily who may not get an “atta-boy”, “great job” or an “I appreciate you”. I wanted to make sure Brandon Brantley knew we appreciated him and that he did a great job.” – Justin Hines, Nexans AmerCable

Hugg & Hall Equipment Company has a quality standard that is beyond many other companies; Brandon Brantley has gone above the standard of excellence to best serve clients in our El Dorado, AR location.

Brantley works as a delivery driver for Hugg & Hall and started with the company a month ago. He conducts day runs between Hugg & Hall locations, as well as deliveries to customers. In his short time with the company, he has made a significant impact in the delivery division. Brandon said that his favorite thing about being a driver for Hugg & Hall is, “interacting with the customers.”

Brandon’s hometown is Farmerville, Louisiana where he currently resides with his wife Nikki. He has his hands full with a son, Logan, daughters Macayla and Karlee, and a granddaughter Paisley-Brooke. He enjoys spending time with his family and has a passion for horses & equipment. You may also be surprised to know that he is afraid of heights.

In his first few weeks, Brandon has noted that every day is memorable. If he weren’t currently working for Hugg & Hall, Brantley mentioned he would like to operate equipment. He thinks it is important for others in the profession to, “Never take safety for granted.”

Hugg & Hall would like to thank Brandon Brantley for his hard work; welcome to the team Brandon! To create your own story with our team, visit our hiring website.

Product Support Team Gathers for Unprecedented Meeting in Little Rock

The Hugg & Hall Equipment Company (Hugg & Hall) Product Support Team gathered for a meeting like no other. For the first time (in anyone’s memory) all parts and service managers, as well as all product support sales representatives (PSSRs), gathered together to build comradery and talk about upcoming changes in the coming year. This unprecedented meeting took place in downtown Little Rock, Ark., from May 14 to May 15 at the DoubleTree Hotel and the Robinson Center.

Vice President of Parts and Service Operations, Chris Shields, set the tone for the next two days by offering definitions of comradery and what it means to be a team player in a company of this magnitude. Shields also spoke on the game plan for the meeting, noting that the first day would be difficult because he was going to be talking about the various struggles the departments face internally. He said that he hoped by the end of it all each department would have a better sense of what it means to be a team.

“One objective, one team,” said Shields. “Relentless passion to be the best provider of services that deliver maximum equipment up time to our customers.”

Before diving into the struggles of the Product Support Team, Shield’s spoke on the team’s achievements from the previous year. The Product Support Team had a record-breaking year, they contributed about 45% of the company’s total gross profit. With technicians bringing in 72% of total revenue deriving from product support operations.

“We are in a great place as a company, not only to provide quality service to our customers but to provide quality service and training to attract and retain skilled technicians,” said Shields on the importance of the role technicians serve. “Saying things like ‘they could’ve done better’ or ‘they should’ve tried harder,’ is unacceptable. The value of our techs can’t be understated.”

Larry Denson, Parts Operations Manager at the Hugg & Hall Oklahoma City branch, was surprised by the impact technicians play in the overall success of the company.

“To see the average number in dollars of their (technicians’) contributions to the company’s gross profit and the bottom line was eye-opening, to say the least,” said Denson. “I think if more of the employees understood this it could and should help to eliminate some of those negative views technicians are saddled with.”

Shields was also proud to announce that the team is currently doing business with 55 Fortune 500 companies and 17 Fortune 1000 companies, a large majority of which are located, or have a substantial presence, in Arkansas.

“You should be very proud to do what you do and you should be very proud to do what you do with this company,” said Shields.

When it came time to address the struggles and hardships that the Product Support Team has been facing internally, Shields addressed it head-on, owning up to his part of the problem.

“I receive that, I own that, I believe in that,” said Shields.

The room grew quiet as everyone seemingly began to realize that the problems and issues they were having with specific departments were universal.

“The great thing about old walls is they can be removed,” said James Burgess, Product Support Sales Representative at the Hugg & Hall Fort Smith branch. “Our culture is changing with the business landscape, we are proving to be progressive and self-reflecting. I’m excited to be a part of the Product Support Team and look forward to the great things ahead.”

After the meeting, everyone gathered at the Flying Saucer, a local restaurant near the River Market, for dinner. This was also a great time for everyone to decompress and enjoy meeting people from other branches.

“It is always a neat experience when you get to put a face with a name,” said Denson “You hear these names of your counterparts that are in the same position as those you work with at your branch and then you finally get to meet them.”

The next morning, everyone gathered for the second half of the meeting. Shield’s kicked off the meeting by introducing structural changes within the Product Support Team’s leadership. After the new introductions were made, Mitch Perry, Regional Vice President of Product Support for the southern region, and Mark McLarty, Regional Vice President of Product Support for the northern region, conducted break off meetings with their respective colleagues to answer any questions and set the tone for future meetings.

“This isn’t going to change today, we aren’t going to be all huggy dovey as soon as we leave here, but you’ve got my trust and I hope I’ve got yours,” said McLarty to his group.

“We have the resources and people to do something incredible,” said Perry.

After a short break, everyone gathered to conclude the meeting. The meeting ended with small presentations from Lucas Hall, Product Support Software/Data Developer/Business Analyst, Tracey Gibbs, Corporate Parts Manager and Tom Mitchell, Product Support Manager at the Hugg & Hall Springdale branch. Each presented on new initiatives to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Each of these initiatives will be detailed in future blog posts.

“This unprecedented meeting provided a unique opportunity to share real-world experiences that may be brought to bear for the benefit of our customers both external and internal; time well spent,” said Mitchell.


Part 1: VP of Rental Operations On Valuing Customer Service



Hugg & Hall Equipment Company is dedicated to providing excellence in customer service. The company strives to continuously improve and created the “Customer Service Series” as an outlet for sharing customer service ideas and strategies with the purpose to both enhance the experience of the Hugg & Hall customer and to provide a place for collaborative thinking.


In diverse, competitive markets distinguishing one’s business among customers and creating a loyal client-base is an essential aspect of remaining relevant. Rick Vollmer, Vice President of Rental Operations at Hugg & Hall Equipment Company (Hugg & Hall), recently shared his thoughts on the relevance of customer service and how it can affect business opportunities and brand reputation.

“We are a regional company,” said Vollmer. “Larger companies have greater buying power and resources, so when you take the same products and offer them to the public at comparable prices, even as our buying power increases, it’s important to deliver excellent customer service. We fight for customers everyday so we’re constantly trying to find ways to set ourselves apart. The obvious, and free, way is customer service. When you think of a high-priced product like a stay at a Ritz-Carlton, you expect to receive excellent customer service for the price. I believe that Chick-Fil-A proved that you can take a median-priced product and pair it with excellent customer service. You can marry any-priced product with high-priced customer service.”

Customer service is an intangible concept with no one definition. As such, discussing ideas on how to provide positive experiences for each customer can be wide-reaching. Vollmer shared his thoughts on how companies can create a culture of prioritizing customers.

“The one thing that never seems to get, in my opinion, the kind of attention that it needs is making the customer feel like they’ve made the right decision by calling here or deciding to do business with us,” said Vollmer. “I think that it’s important that the management team and I continue to stress, number one that it’s as important as getting something delivered on time, or washing it or buying new and selling old. Number one, the management team stressing customer service. I think that if people would just think ‘what would I want? What would I expect?’ because the person on the other end of the line or the customer of Hugg & Hall would expect the same thing.”

The implementation of a comprehensive customer service strategy requires the consideration of many factors in sizable organizations; delivering cohesive client service within a company housing many teams and departments can be a challenge with specific obstacles and frustrations.

“The most frustrating thing to me is that it is just not focused on,” said Vollmer. “It’s just not top of mind. I don’t believe that it’s a purposeful thing, it’s because we are all so focused on the task at hand or what’s staring at us in the face, so when it comes time to focus on customer service, we just forget.”

Vollmer stressed that customer service requires fluidity as opposed to a simple, traditional set of rules and processes. He touched on the importance of authenticity and actually valuing customers.

“I believe that customer service needs to be fluid and I think that if somebody just takes a minute and thinks ‘there’s probably a few areas where I can add some increased elements of customer service in what I do’ and comes up with what they think is the correct way to express a strong customer service concept then it does the job and it’s fluid and it’s genuine and someone can own it,” said Vollmer. “If you are going to commit to making customer service top of mind, also, commit to making it genuine. Be genuine about it. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Vollmer spoke on the importance of valuing limited facetime with customers and how he’s been influenced by interactions with professionals at Genie Industries.  

“I was always impressed and influenced by Genie Industries and how they operated, as a company in the industrial equipment business,” said Vollmer. “When we would go out there to take a plant tour, they were the best at thanking us for our business. When we’d pass by a cubicle, they’d always turn and acknowledge us and were always really quick to thank us for our business. At the American Rental Association show, they would always have an event planned and they would never have their employees piled up together, they were always dispersed throughout the crowd and they were always meeting and thanking people, even if you had no idea what they did within the Genie organization or if you had no involvement with those particular people. Those opportunities are the best times to execute excellent customer service because it’s so hard to get in front of your customers.”

In order to understand how to deliver great customer service, it’s important to understand how negative customer service is demonstrated, Vollmer delineated.

“Terrible customer service, in my view, is giving the customer the impression that they’ve reached the wrong person and it’s not your job,” said Vollmer. “The biggest obstacle to great customer service is that people are quick to not get in somebody else’s square when it comes to helping a customer. If I don’t know the answer to a customer’s issue, I can find out.”

In order to avoid uniformity with industry competitors, importance is focused on standing out and offering value-added features to clients, this can be achieved through offering technology at the cusp of innovation, simplifying processes or providing excellence in customer service. Vollmer spoke on the importance of how client engagement can impact Hugg & Hall and combat homogeneity.

“I want to wave the flag because at this particular time and place, customer service is the one thing that can put us over the top,” said Vollmer. “If we and our competitors all basically have the same product, we’re all coming to the table with the same opportunity and we have to come to the table with something that’s better and different and can set ourselves apart. We have to have something different to talk about, and customer service is the thing that can set us apart. I’ve heard comments made from our customer base, from time-to-time, express that the customer service aspect and the people, sets us apart. We need to continue that and not take it for granted.”

Vollmer elaborated on the Hugg & Hall customer service mission statement, “make your customers’ needs your own,” and what that means for employees and how they should operate. He expanded on the mentality that just as companies strive to create loyal customers, companies should return loyalty.

“If a customer were to walk through the door with a complaint about something, I don’t have any qualms about making a decision to solve that problem and make them happy without having to ask anybody,” said Vollmer. “Making your customers’ needs your own is exactly what that means.”

“As we want loyalty from customers, customer service reciprocates loyalty on behalf of us back to the customer.”

When asked what advice he would give those striving to improve their customer service skills and to provide genuine, effective service to their customers, Vollmer stressed the importance of not shying away from taking action and making assertive decisions as it relates to customer service.

“Customer service is an easy word to fly around but it just seems so difficult sometimes to perform it,” said Vollmer. “As much time as we spend here, if it wasn’t here it’d be somewhere else. We all have to work. Why not put out that little extra effort and see what kind of return it brings, because it doesn’t cost anything.”

“Commit to making customer service a top of mind concept,” said Vollmer. “Remember you’ve been knighted to make decisions, fix problems and are allowed to outwardly express ideas. You can step out on a limb and not worry about it. You are allowed to make decisions and take action as it relates to customer service. A true, genuine act of customer service has the most value, it stays with people. It makes their decision-making process easier in the future.”

Teams should pivot toward instilling confidence in members, according to Vollmer, so that they will have the self-assurance and ability to make consequential decisions for the sake of excellent customer service.

The notion of a more open managerial style, to promote creativity and success, is a growing concept among entrepreneurs and business leaders. The idea is that using the more stringent, chain-of-command style stifles creativity and ones ability to improvise and solve problems, quickly. The open managerial style is designed to promote open communication among team members, regardless of title or position, in order to create a more effective service style and to eliminate any slow-paced, closed-door environment. In the context of customer service, this style gives employees the ability to be more decisive and to serve clients effectively without the perpetual consent of superiors. 

“In my mind it resonates ultimately the type of thing John and Robert allow in their business,” said Vollmer, referring to John Hugg, President/owner, and Robert Hall, Vice President/owner. “There probably was a time that I thought there were things that I couldn’t do and decisions that I couldn’t make, but a long time ago I shifted to believe that taking action is what was needed in order for things to get done and, it turns out, that is in line with what John and Robert think. I think if people just stop and think about that for a minute, then customer service at this organization would be a whole lot easier.”