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Tim Waychoff promoted to Vice President of Sales

Little Rock, AR – Hugg & Hall Equipment Company is excited to announce Tim Waychoff as Vice President of Sales. Tim will be responsible for the new and used equipment sales departments for the entire company.

Tim pictured with his wife Amy and daughter Katelyn.

Tim has been with Hugg & Hall for 33 years. Starting as a Customer Service Sales Representative while the company was Clark Lift of Arkansas, Tim has continued to work in Hugg & Hall’s material handling division in territory sales, major account sales, and most recently as the Sales Manager- Material Handling.

Tim’s work ethic is remarkable, his “words of wisdom” are worth mentioning, and all successes he credits to his father. When asked to give advice on how to become a better salesman, he frankly says “work harder- it’s that simple”. While he now has a complete and established team under him, he fully believes that to be a successful manager, you “must stay in the trenches- be in the game”. And while delegating duties may be a personal challenge, he loves working with his sales team and knowing the ins and outs of the daily business.

When asked about Tim’s time with Hugg & Hall Robert Hall said, “Our customers, suppliers and the entire company have benefited from Tim’s hard work to do his best for everyone, every day!”

Tim adds, “I really need to thank everyone that I have worked with for what we have accomplished. It all starts with ‘Us’. Never bet against ‘Us’ because together we are very hard to defeat!”

Hugg & Hall congratulates Tim and wishes him continued success in his new role!