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Hugg & Hall Service Technician Among First to Complete Bobcat’s Platinum Certification

Hugg & Hall Service Technician Among First to Complete Bobcat’s Platinum Certification

Tim Wilhite, Service Technician at Hugg & Hall Equipment Company (Hugg & Hall), is among the first two people to have completed the Bobcat Platinum Certification training path. Wilhite completed 43 web based training classes and 8 instructor-led training classes and is an official platinum certified technician.

Tim Wilhite Among First to Complete Bobcat's Platinum Certification Program

Tim Wilhite (left)

“The Bobcat University is the best training system I have used,” said Wilhite. “The online classes are easy to understand and navigate. The hands-on class instructors are very knowledgeable and make learning easy. It is a great honor to be one of the first to complete platinum certification. I would like to thank Hugg and Hall for allowing me to participate in this training.”

Platinum path classes are the most advanced courses offered by the company and aren’t offered as frequently as those in the silver and gold learning paths, according to Bobcat’s website. The next platinum training classes will be offered in September.

Bobcat offers many training courses, via their training programs facilitated by Bobcat University, on Bobcat equipment and the electronic tools and computer systems used to maintain the equipment, according to their website. The training paths were created to guide technicians through the foundational classes (including basic electronics courses and traction control system courses) necessary to work on Bobcat machines with optimal performance.

Hugg & Hall strives to remain apprised of industry advancements and is committed to providing their dedicated professionals the necessary training to keep them at the forefront of their trade. The company congratulates Wilhite for the well-earned Bobcat Platinum Certification and thanks him for his hard work and dedication.  

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