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Tom Ermann Retires After 40 Years

Tom Ermann Retires After 40 Years

It’s a rewarding end to many years of hard work and dedicated service as we congratulate our long time Part Systems – Operations and Inventory Analyst, Tom Ermann on his recent retirement! Throughout his 40 year long career here at Hugg & Hall, Tom has held many different titles from Parts Runner, Service Manager, Branch Manager, General Parts and Service Manager, and Corporate Parts Manager– just to name a few!

“Tom has been an ever present calm and steady part of Hugg and Hall, he has guided the product support folks for many years and has instilled the Hugg & Hall spirit of service and fairness in everyone that has had the privilege of working with him,” said Jack Beckford, Springdale Parts Manager. “He has been a mentor and support post for many in his tenure and that example will be hard to match,” continued Jack. 

Tracey Gibbs, Corporate Parts Manger adds “He’s been the ‘Parts Guru’ for years and is famous for looking over the top of his glasses at you and saying ‘Parts is Easy’.  He’s mentored many parts managers over the years and we are a greater company today, because of that.  His knowledge and dedication was second to none.  He was my mentor for almost 30 years and he’s not just a co-worker, he is a great friend!”

It is easy for all of us to agree with Tracey and Jack, when they say Tom Ermann will be greatly missed by the Hugg & Hall family! 

Hugg & Hall would like to send a huge thank you and congratulations to Tom for his hard work and dedication throughout his 40 years of service. Tom, you will always be part of the Hugg & Hall family!

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