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Top Telehandler Carriage Options

Top Telehandler Carriage Options

Telehandler Carriage Options

There are many telehandler carriage options available to users, each with specific benefits and individual functions making each ideal for different tasks. Choosing a carriage option that’s best for your needs can be difficult. So, we’ve put together this quick guide to help with the process. Here are the leading telehandler carriage options and the benefits of each.

Standard/floating forks carriage

One of the most popular carriage options is the floating forks carriage. This option is ideal for hard-to-reach areas and features floating forks and adjustable side-to-side functionality for effective load entry. This option is available from a variety of manufacturers in different widths depending on the need.

Tilt carriage

Tilt telehandler carriages are engineered with the special ability to pick up loads on uneven surfaces. An extra feature which uses hydraulics allows operators to more easily pick up loads on rough terrain and/or jagged surfaces. This feature makes the tilt carriage option ideal for navigating loads through sites with especially challenging surfaces.

Swing carriage

Like the tilt carriage option, the swing carriage option features a hydraulic system to solve a particular issue. Swing carriages use an auxiliary hydraulic system which allows for side-to-side swinging movement. In confined areas that require very fixed and inflexible positioning, the swing carriage option is ideal because of the extra maneuverability it allows in constricted areas.

Side-shift carriage

The side-shift carriage option is optimal for placing loads between two objects because of their four-inch left and right carriage shifting ability which allows for precise load positioning. If a project requires load placement between two objects and does not permit much side-to-side movement, the side-shift carriage might be the best carriage option.

Adjustable carriage

The adjustable carriage option is great for projects that require operators to widen and narrow forks often. The fork positioning feature allows operators to adjust fork positions from the operator seat. Adjustable carriages position forks, moving them both in and out, for the operator. This option is ideal for material handling projects, warehouse projects and any projects requiring easy fork adjustability.

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