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Industry Predictions: Forklift Telematics in the Warehouse

Industry Predictions: Forklift Telematics in the Warehouse

How Telematics Are Impacting Forklift Operations 

What’s new? Innovative tech, like telematics, is impacting the forklift industry.

What does it mean for you? Your warehouse can expect improved efficiency and safety when you purchase forklifts with telematics software.



I. What is telematics? 

Telematics software is a technology that allows remote vehicles to communicate over long-distance networks. It’s all about increased efficiency and safety.

Using this software, teams can track fleet management and operator safety. Operators and Operations Managers will both see positive impacts when you install this technology! 


Telematics software is designed to help your supervisor recognize and reward safe operating practices. 

When they’ve analyzed this data, managers can properly identify excellent forklift operators. 

They’ll be able to use the telematics report to see the following information: 

  • Which operator is driving
  • Forklift operation speed
  • Harsh acceleration 
  • Sudden braking
  • Idling time
  • Location in the warehouse
  • Fuel consumption
  • Vehicle faults

Your managers will also be able to tell if a forklift has a critical error before you can. They’ll be able to ground that forklift and call for maintenance, preventing potential accidents and product and facility damage. 

Operations Managers

If you’re a warehouse operations manager, you’ll be able to use telematics to monitor the performance of your forklifts and find new ways to get the most out of your investment. 

The data you collect will help you make decisions about the following: 

  • Which machines need preemptive service (before it’s apparent to an operator) 
  • Whether your warehouse layout is slowing down operators or making them take unnecessarily long routes 
  • What routes cause accidents or near misses
  • Which sections of your warehouse have problems like uneven flooring, which can cause damage
  • Which operators are more prone to cause accidents, or are underperforming


II. What should operations managers be aware of? 

It’s important to study the data you collect, because it may tell you some surprising things about your warehouse and forklift operators. Rather than always taking it at face value, be willing to consider other reasons you could be getting certain data. 

For example, when you have telematics software on your forklifts, you’ll get an email when a forklift hits its threshold for impact.

If you see that a certain driver has a high number of impacts, you might immediately assume that they’re regularly hitting the wall and that they’re not a good operator. 

However, you could actually have a route in your warehouse with a pothole, missing drain cover, floor seam, etc. that is causing damage to your forklift. 

In trying to meet their productivity goals, your operators may be accidentally causing damage to the forklift and themselves. 

Telematics will give you the data you need to improve your warehouse safety, but you’ll need to analyze it yourself to make sure you’re using it to its fullest potential. 

The biggest safety benefit to using telematics is how much it’ll help you protect your workers. From understanding driver habits to knowing which machines need service, you’ll be able to provide a safer workplace. 

From an efficiency standpoint, the biggest benefit to using telematics is how much time, energy, and money it can save you.

Analyzing telematics data will tell you whether your warehouse needs a layout change and help you decide the quickest routes. You’ll save running time and fuel for your forklifts. 


III. What industries will benefit most from telematics? 

If you’re managing or working in a warehouse, you can benefit from telematics! 

Some of the industries that have seen a positive impact with telematics include: 

  • Steel fabrication warehouses
  • USDA freezer warehouses 
  • Retail dry warehouses
  • Non-retail dry warehouses with low ceiling height
  • Ammunition factory warehouses 

Because this software helps operations managers plan and execute a safer, more organized warehouse layout, companies should benefit from increased profits and operators should experience a safer workplace. 


IV. Takeaways 

Buying a forklift with telematics software is one of the easiest ways to save money and boost safety in the long run. 

If you are an operator who’s being asked to use a forklift with telematics software, don’t sweat it! It’s there to help keep you safe and ensure you’re traveling the best possible route. 

Interested in seeing what a new forklift with telematics software can do for your warehouse? We can help! Contact us! 


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