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Get The Most Out Of Your Attachments This Winter

Get The Most Out Of Your Attachments This Winter

Attachments for skid-steers, backhoes, and wheel loaders are an effective option for snow-clearing and winter weather. Attachments can help with winter-related tasks and safety precautionary procedures. They can help you spread salt mixtures, break ice, plow and pile snow, and more. 

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What are the most common attachments used in winter? 

  • Spreader: ideal for spreading salt or anti-ice elements on roads and parking lots. A spreader is also an excellent way to clear snow and ice.
  • V-blade: created specifically for plowing and pushing deep snowfall. V-blades are versatile attachments and feature five blade configurations.
  • Snow bucket: ideal for handling and moving large quantities of snow.
  • Scraper: a self-sharpening attachment perfect for scraping snow and ice by getting under the elements and scraping with ease.
  • Snow pusher: a free-floating blade designed to remove snow and ice on uneven surfaces without harming the surfaces underneath the snow. 
  • Snow blade: removes light and moderate snowfall. It’s a great option for removing snow from roads and parking lots.
  • Snowblower: self-explanatorily, it can blow and throw heavy snowfall with ease. The malleable chute allows the operator to direct snow in the preferred direction. 
  • Angle broom: used for sweeping sidewalks, parking lots and more. It’s optimal for sweeping light snowfall. 

You can use many of these attachments year-round for more than snow and ice removal. They can help with weeding and overgrowth removal, trench construction, and more. 


What should I be aware of when using winter attachments? 

Consider Obstacles

While utilizing attachments, be aware of obstacles that could damage your equipment. Rocks and debris can be hidden under snow and ice, and they can be thrown into the air if hit by an attachment. Consider pushing or loading snow in a bucket before blowing and sweeping it. 

Take Advantage Of Your Options

You can use attachments for other projects in spring, summer, and fall. Take advantage of your options and consider using your attachments for other activities. Snow pushers can also push tall greenery, snow blowers can spread mulch, and spreaders can distribute fertilizer. Some attachments are better for open areas; some perform better in areas that require significant maneuvering. 

Perform Preventative Maintenance

Always remove ice from joints and any chains on your attachments. Consider the recommended maintenance requirements for your parts/machinery to prevent damage and to fend off wear and tear. Read more about winterizing your equipment

In Conclusion: 

You can improve the adaptability of your machine by choosing the correct winter attachment. Your knowledge and understanding of your project and the equipment in use can help you get the most out of your attachments year-round. 

Have questions about what types of attachments you could use this winter? Contact our sales or rental team at your local branch for more information! 


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2017 and was updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in December 2022. 

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