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Employee Spotlight: Joe Clements

Employee Spotlight: Joe Clements


Meet Joe Clements, Parts Warehouse Lead in our OKC branch!

Joe Clements is an Okie by birth. He grew up in Coweta with his seven siblings, but spent a lot of his childhood about 30 minutes away in Tulsa. After he graduated high school, he followed his now-wife to OKC.

In 2019, as a nursing student, Joe started working part-time at Hugg & Hall. After about a year, he made the decision to stay and work full-time.

“I started as a Parts Runner helping out in the warehouse. When I decided to stay, I really started to learn the system and I was given responsibility of running the warehouse.”

Joe says his daily operations boil down to one major point: “ensuring things are running smoothly. I’m responsible for how the warehouse operates and making sure that our orders are correct so that we have satisfied customers.”

Some of the duties Joe handles include:

  • Checking in parts
  • Pulling parts for techs and for customers
  • Keeping the warehouse stocked with fluids
  • Making sure the Parts Warehouse equipment is running well
  • Getting shipments out
  • Closing tickets at the end of the day
  • Keeping the warehouse clean and in good order

The Kardex

One of the biggest things (literally) that Joe uses to keep things running smoothly is the Kardex Remstar Storage Stacker. It’s a massive smart elevator that stores and dispenses parts.

Want to see the Kardex in action? Check out our blog post on the topic to see Joe using it!

Joe says, “Part of keeping the warehouse in order is creating the best flow of operations. Rick Howell (Parts Shipper) and I have worked to arrange the warehouse to best suit the space that the Kardex has given us.”

The most interesting part of his job, for Joe, is working with the Kardex. “Learning to operate it and continuing to learn about it has kept me on my toes. I’m hoping, as we get more of these throughout the company, I can help the other branches navigate how to use it.”


A great company culture is important to Joe.

From day one, Joe’s been helping sustain the great work culture at the Hugg & Hall OKC branch. “My favorite thing about Hugg & Hall is the environment. I like the people I work with, and I think the company represents good values and a good work ethic. Each department has their own duties, but we work together to get the job done.”

There is an undeniable family atmosphere in the OKC branch. You can see it in all of their good-natured competitions. “One of the best memories I have of Hugg & Hall is the Friday before Bedlam this past year. Us OSU fans and the OU fans dressed up in our respective colors. It was a fun day of good-natured trash-talk and jabs at one another. It was extra spicy considering this past Bedlam was the last, at least for a long while.”


Joe Clements is a family man, through-and-through.

Outside of work, you can find Joe spending most of his time with his wife and his son. He loves to watch TV and read with his wife.

Joe’s a big sitcom fan who also likes competition shows. “Some of my favorite shows are The OfficeParks and Rec, and New Girl. My absolute favorite, though, is to watch Survivor with my wife.”

Joe said, “We also like to listen to audiobooks. My favorite author right now is Brandon Sanderson. He’s an adventure/fantasy author. I love the excitement and getting to know the characters.”

He also loves volleyball, though he’s taken a bit of a hiatus since his son was born. He hopes to get back into it soon.

Whether it’s work or family, Joe says, “I believe in giving my best to whatever I am doing. I try to work hard and give it my all.”



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