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Electric Equipment: Transforming Construction

As we work together to shrink humanity’s carbon footprint, more equipment companies are adding electric equipment to their lineup. 

Electric equipment has the same capabilities as diesel-powered machines, and produces zero emissions and less noise for cleaner jobsites. Companies such as Toyota, JCB, Genie, and more are leading the charge. 

Adding electric equipment to your jobsite? Check out a few of the electric machines Hugg & Hall has to offer.


Toyota’s electric forklifts provide clean, emission-free workspaces and are ideal for indoor projects and warehouses. With seven models on their product line, you are sure to find what works best for you.

  • 3-wheel Electric Forklift
    • Ideal for narrow aisles and tight spaces.
  • Core Electric Forklift
    • Compact four-wheel electric lift capable of moving any standard size load.
    • Able to operate in spaces as small as 11 feet wide.
  • Core Electric Turret Forklift
    • 90-degree angle stacking ability.
  • Large Electric Forklift 
    • Capable of lifting 12,000 lbs.
  • Stand-Up Rider Forklift
    • Dock-to-Stock capabilities.
    • Ideal for navigating narrow aisles.
  • Electric Pneumatic Forklift (48V & 80V Options)
    • Designed for indoor and outdoor applications.


JCB pioneered the first fully electric mini excavator and is still committed to leading the industry in electric innovation. They promise less noise, zero emissions, and zero compromise on performance. 

  • Telehandler
    • 3,000-lb lift capacity and full height and 1,600-lb lift capacity at full reach.
  • Mini Excavator
    • The 19C-1E has maintenance-free batteries, needs minimal daily checks, and requires less servicing.
  • Teletruk
    • Designed with a unique telescopic boom, small turning circle, and single side loading ability.
  • Dumpster
    • Get improved tracking performance with easy access for daily checks, servicing, and maintenance.
  • Site Dumper
    • With zero emissions during use, the machine can operate indoors and in noise sensitive environments.


Genie machines are ideal for outdoor and indoor operations that require low noise and clean performance.

  • Electric Boom Lift Lineup
    • Genie lifts feature a 135-degree range of motion and  oscillating axles to provide traction. 
  • Electric Slab Scissor Lift Lineup
    • Genie scissor lifts are quiet, versatile, and easy-to-operate in tight spaces.


Atlas Copco’s Electric Variable Compressors are up to 50% smaller and lighter than conventional compressors and are low-noise emission compliant. They have a PACE system and a variable speed drive to give you the airflow you need.

Atlas Copco has four models on the market, with their E-Air V1100 VSD compressor reaching up to 205 PSI of working pressure. 


Niftylift’s award-winning self-propelled boom lifts are electric powerhouses! Their SP50N boom can lift two people, plus their tools, to a platform height of 49.5ft or a working outreach of 32ft. The SP50N also boasts a 180-degree rotating cage and jib-boom, paired with proportional multi-functional controls. These lifts are ideal for indoor use or a clean, quiet operation.


Skyjack electric scissor lifts have been recognized as industry leaders for over a decade. They’re quiet and produce zero emissions, making them ideal for indoor work. Their Skycoded™ control system makes the machines easy to troubleshoot and repair.

  • Scissor lifts
  • Articulating booms
  • Telescopic booms
  • Vertical mast lifts
  • Telehandlers


Crown’s commitment to social, environmental, and economic sustainability—what they’ve termed “ecologic”—helps their customers meet their own sustainability goals. With their C-B Electric Forklift’s 1000-lb capacity, you’ll never have to choose between weight capacity and saving the planet. 

  • Forklifts
  • Order pickers
  • Reach trucks
  • Pallet trucks
  • Stackers

Employee Spotlight: Holand Purifoy – “The Quote King”

Meet Holand Purifoy!  

Holand is a Product Support Sales Coordinator in our Fort Smith branch and has been a Hugg & Hall employee for 28 years.  He even remembers his first day – April 12, 1993! Holand’s time within our service department has come with several different job titles. 

Starting out as a Shop Foreman, to Dispatcher, a Field Service Manager at Gerdau, on to an Operations Manager to his current position as a Product Support Sales Coordinator; Holand has enjoyed his time the most as a Product Support Sales Coordinator. This position allows him to be outside and interact with customers more often. A typical day for Holand includes compiling, processing, and submitting repair estimates for Hugg & Hall- Fort Smith’s many customers. 

Holand says he “enjoys working with parts, service and the sales departments creating fair repair estimates and a profitable environment for the company.” When asked what Holand’s favorite thing about working for Hugg & Hall was he responded, “I love being able to interact freely with all of the departments where they value my input.”

The Product Support Team in Fort Smith is a well-oiled machine.  After nominating Holand as our employee spotlight, his co-workers James Burgess and Jason Henson excitedly offered their support. James says, “I have had the pleasure of working with Holand for nine years. He was a huge part of my training. He is the best in the world at what he does. His attention to detail is unmatched and can produce a quote for a customer faster than I can turn my computer on.”

“Henson and I get the glory of the sale- we are like the front men of a band, while Holand is the guy on the drums keeping the beat and without him, we’d be just singing karaoke. Holand is great for comic relief and if you don’t believe me, come huddle in our cubicle with him. A fun fact about Holand is that he’s the only human who eats a bag of Cheetos every single day yet has never been seen with orange on his fingers!”  While Jason was hesitant to follow James’ kind words, he said that Burgess hit it dead on. “You could not ask for a better partner to work with on a team- I have referred to Holand as the quote king!”

Holand was born and raised in Camden, AR but currently lives in Van Buren. In his spare time, he likes to travel and “see the many beautiful places this country has to offer.”  Many people may not know that in the past, Holand and his wife fostered children and adopted his two grandsons.  To quote Franklin D. Roosevelt, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” Holand says, “We’ve all been there, the end of the rope. What one must remember is, it’s not the fall when you turn it loose that hurts, but it’s the sudden stop when you reach the bottom. Hang on and find a way to get through it and you will never reach the bottom.”

John Parker Retires After 34 Years In Rental

John Parker, long time Rental Coordinator

After 34 years of dedicated service, Hugg & Hall Equipment Company is celebrating the retirement of John Parker!

John has been a central component of the rental team for nearly three decades. The company has grown tremendously since John first started in his role back in 1987, where he worked as the Rental Manager at our original Super Rents location. 

John and Rental Sales Manager, Ben Crone, have spent many years working together. Ben explains, “John is not only one of Hugg & Halls greatest, but a good friend as well.

John alongside Rental Sales Manager, Ben Crone

34 years ago John Hugg hired John Parker to open the first rental department in NWA.  He has been and integral part of the growth and success for the rental department and for the organization as a whole. He’s had a wealth of knowledge in the rental equipment business that he has shared and mentored others over the years and has been a great asset to the Hugg & Hall team! Thank you for your commitment, hard work, and passion you have had to make Hugg & Hall a great success. We love you John.”

Brian Robinson, Director of Rental Market Strategy adds “John Parker is the O.G.! He’s the kind of guy that comes in to work everyday and puts his nose to the grinding stone. His understanding of our industry is second to none. John was and is diligent in everything he does. Dots every I, crosses every T.. Mr. Details– That’s John Parker! Multi-tasker, Juggler, walk the deal through to the end.”

John explained he looks forward to gardening and fishing with all his newfound freedom!

The company would like to send out a huge thank you and congratulations to John Parker and wishes him a very happy retirement. John, you will always be part of the Hugg & Hall family!