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Scary Stories to Tell on the Jobsite

Happy Halloween! Do you think you can handle hearing some of the creepiest jobsite scary stories we could dig up?

Scary Story 1: The Haunting of Poinsett Bridge  

Poinsett Bridge was constructed in 1820 in Greenville, SC. It’s the oldest surviving bridge in South Carolina and possibly the entire southeastern US. Visitors often claim it’s haunted by spirits of construction workers who passed away on site. 

Visitors to Poinsett Bridge report ghostly encounters and practical jokes alike. Glowing orbs of various colors are reported to float around the bridge and fly straight towards visitors before disappearing. Some report loud screams, being grabbed, and seeing white figures wandering around the bridge. Perhaps most inconvenient is the often-cited car trouble, with visitors claiming their cars won’t start when they want to leave.

Scary Story 2: The Ghost Bride of Birmingham City

Construction workers in Birmingham City, a city in the United Kingdom, were shocked when a CCTV camera captured a video of a ghostly woman wandering their site. A motion detector captured the footage in the middle of the night, but when security began patrolling moments later, the woman was gone. 

Workers claimed that the woman appeared to be floating through the site, and nicknamed her the “Ghost Bride” due to her white dress. Many said they had trouble sleeping after seeing her on the CCTV. 

Scary Story 3: The North Arlington Haunting 

In 2012, a construction worker quit his job after he reportedly saw the ghost of a young girl on the jobsite in New Jersey. The crew was moments away from demolishing the house of Margaret Febrey, who lived there before her passing in 1913 at 14 years old. 

The worker alerted his crew that he saw a girl inside the house, but when the team searched inside for her, she was nowhere to be found. She appeared on the steps outside before vanishing into thin air. The worker who first saw her must have read too many scary stories: he quit his job on the spot.  

Demolition was halted on the 99th anniversary of Margaret’s death to honor her life. 


While we can’t guarantee that you won’t experience something spooky, we can help ensure your jobsite runs smoothly! Hugg & Hall has rentals, parts, service, and sales to make sure you have one less thing to worry about. 

Have you ever had a spooky or scary experience on your jobsite? Let us know

Did you spot the eight ghosts in the photo above? 

Employee Spotlight: Daryl Roberts

Meet Daryl Roberts, Parts Operations Manager in Baton Rouge! Daryl Roberts in the Parts Warehouse

Daryl has been with Hugg & Hall since 2019, when we traded territories with Scott Equipment. He started with Scott in 2017. He began as a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Tech, and quickly moved into the role of PM Coordinator. According to his supervisor Darren Hebert, Daryl “developed a self-taught knowledge of parts operation.” This led to his promotion to Parts Manager! 

As Parts Manager, Daryl has been teaching his new team about the ins and outs of the parts department. This includes optimizing processes, analyzing stock to maximize efficiency, and building relationships with customers. He said, “I love seeing the results of crunching numbers and the hard work we put in that leads to the success we have been having each month. I love to get loud and excite my team to keep energy and motivation to reach our goals!”

Daryl with his dog, Anakin

Daryl’s favorite thing about working for Hugg & Hall is identifying an issue, finding ways to tackle it, and finding processes to prevent the issue from occurring in the future: “and, of course, my wonderful coworkers!”

Daryl keeps his employees motivated by maintaining a positive attitude, and he’s not opposed to a little competition! His favorite memory at Hugg & Hall is when his team participated in a sales competition. He said, “I talked so much smack that I agreed to eat the spicy chip from the ‘One Chip Challenge’ if my team lost. Long story short, my team didn’t win.” Despite that loss, Daryl continues to motivate his team and pushes them to do better every day. 

Outside of work, Daryl is a self-proclaimed “book nerd” and he enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons. He loves hiking with his dog, Anakin, and going on trips with his girlfriend, Marissa. They love to “go hopping to different restaurants and tend to try a signature dish and specialty drink from each one we visit!” He’s originally from Watson, LA, and said he’s “stuck around to take care of family and for the Louisiana FOOD!”Daryl and his girlfriend, Marissa

We always like to learn our employees’ favorite quotes. Daryl’s is from The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss: “No matter how you spend your life, your wit will defend you more often than a sword. Keep it sharp!”

To read more about our awesome employees, visit our Employee Spotlights page! 

Employee Spotlight: Victoria Parrish

Victoria Parrish on a pink Toyota forklift.

Meet Victoria Parrish, a Paint Shop Tech in El Dorado, AR! Check out her work on this pink Toyota forklift for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Victoria is from Fouke, AR: “Home of the legendary Bigfoot. I’ve never found him.” She moved to El Dorado when she married her high school sweetheart in 2020. 

As a paint shop tech, Victoria can be found painting machines and batteries, as well as prepping for paint jobs by taping machines. She enjoys painting and learning more about the craft. 

Victoria recently celebrated her one-year work anniversary with Hugg & Hall. She says that working at Hugg & Hall is “a lot of fun and I work with good people. Lots of good times.”

Pink Toyota forklift with pink fork for breast cancer awareness.

Outside of work, Victoria enjoys painting canvases rather than machinery. She also does digital art and writes occasionally. Victoria says she likes to use a couple different shades of the color pink in her art, and we think she knocked this forklift out of the park! 

We enjoy learning our employees’ favorite quotes and philosophies. This is Victoria’s favorite quote: “The road to success is always under construction. It takes time, but you’ll get there. Keep trying. You’ll make it.” 

We love featuring our employees! To read more about our awesome staff, check out our Employee Spotlight page. 

Victoria and the Paint Shop team work on custom projects for our customers too! To get your equipment custom-painted, contact

Victoria Parrish prepping the Toyota forklift for painting.







Victoria Parrish painting the Toyota forklift pink.







Caption: Victoria Parrish prepping/painting a Toyota Forklift

Choosing the Right Generator

Wondering what type of generator you need for your next large project? We can help! Check out the different types of generators below. 


Towable Generators

Professional High-powered Generators

These generators provide power for large machinery. They’re ideal for powering material handling machinery, concrete machinery, and earth movers. These heavy-duty machines are manufactured to withstand the harsh conditions of a construction site and produce stable power for extended shifts. 

You’ll need a high-powered generator if your construction site is large, like commercial buildings, warehouses, and roads. 

Did you know? High-powered generators like this one can have power outputs of more than 500 kVAs. At a power factor of 0.6, that’s 300,000 watts! 

Medium-powered Generators

These generators produce power for smaller construction work, like small road construction, single houses, and low-rise apartments. They can easily power circular saws, concrete mixers, and compressors. In fact, a 25 kVA generator can typically power all three at once! 

These units usually have heavy-duty engines and more durable components than portable units. 

For more information on what medium-powered generators can power, check out this article from Generatorist

Portable Generators

These generators are designed for easy transportation and can be carried around your jobsite. They’re sometimes measured in watts, not kVAs, and can range from 3000 to 12000 watts! They’re a vital part of construction sites because they function as backup.


Choosing a Generator 

Now that you know what each generator can do, follow these steps to ensure you choose the right one. 

Assess how much power you’ll need

To figure out how much power your jobsite needs, list all power tools and electronic appliances you will need to use at the same time. Once you have them listed, follow these steps to create a reference table. 

  1. Look at the equipment tags for the required starting and running watts for each tool. 
  2. Add all the running watts required to run your equipment. 
  3. Find the item with the highest additional starting watts. 
  4. Add this to your total running watts. 

The final number represents the total number of starting watts your generator must provide to run your jobsite. 

Consider your average output capacity

Now that you have your total starting and running watts, you’ll need to consider whether you’ll be using that amount during the whole project or only for short periods. If you’ll mostly be using only half of your total watts, you can consider going with two smaller units that can function as a single large unit. 

If your power output is consistently low, shutting down one machine can help you save on fuel costs and gives you an easy backup if one generator needs maintenance. 

You can use this calculator to determine kW/kVA amperes and fuel consumption loads at an 80% power factor. 

Contact Hugg & Hall’s Utility Services Department

For more information on what size your generator needs to be to run your equipment, you can send an inquiry to our Utility Services Department