Why You Should Choose Scissor Lifts vs. Scaffolding

Scissor Lifts vs. Scaffolding

Extended scissor lift

One of the questions we often hear at Hugg & Hall is “Do you have scaffolding for rent?” For safety reasons, we don’t rent scaffolding, but scissor lifts are a great alternative. When we mention scissor lifts, the next question is usually, “What can scissor lifts do that scaffolding can’t?” We’re here to set the record straight. 

While scaffolding has historically been one of the safest ways to work in hard-to-reach places, there are now safer options: scissor lifts and other MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms). Here are some myths and truths about scissor lift safety and maneuverability.



  • New features like all-terrain wheels and self-leveling allow them greater range than ever before.
  • Smaller scissor lifts can even fit through standard doorways when not extended.

Scissor Lift

  • When adjusting a scissor lift, it only takes a few minutes to lower it and move it. Scaffolding has to be dismantled and reassembled when it’s moved.
  • Scissor lifts cut down on labor time and operating costs, making them worth their upfront cost to rent. 


  • In June of 2020, new ANSI standards were put in place to improve the safety of scissor lifts.
  • Operators have a higher risk of falling from scaffolding.  
  • Scaffolding has a higher risk of collapsing if not assembled properly.  


When considering all the factors, especially safety, scissor lifts are the superior choice for your project. At Hugg & Hall, we value our customers’ safety, and that’s part of the reason we choose to rent out scissor lifts.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2021. We updated it for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in February 2022.

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