Safety First: Using and Maintaining Scissor Lifts

Fall Protection

In order to prevent injury caused by falls from a platform, OSHA regulation requires ALL scissor lifts to have guardrails. Make sure your workers are properly trained on how to properly secure the guardrail system. Another way to prevent falls is by properly using safety harnesses. OSHA regulation requires that you have workers attach a lanyard to his/her safety harness, which should be anchored to the lift. You can purchase a safety harness through the Hugg & Hall Parts Department.

Scissor Lift Stabilization

Employers need to ensure that all scissor lifts used in the workplace are in stable condition and are not in danger of collapsing or tipping over. To do this, ensure that all safety systems are in good working order. Be especially careful when driving your scissor lift in order to prevent collisions with other vehicles or stationary overhead or ground-level obstacles.


Operators should make sure to always position scissor lifts in a manner that prevents them from falling or tipping and injuring the operator or others around the lift. Be sure to keep lifts away from power lines and similar hazards to avoid risking injury or death. Take extra care when operating scissor lifts near fixed objects, other equipment, and when going under overhead obstacles. In-house safety procedures should be implemented and observed to ensure that scissor lifts are always properly positioned and to comply with OSHA’s scissor lift safety requirements.

Controls, Components & Brakes

All controls and instruments on the scissor lift must be inspected and tested before each work shift to ensure that all are in working order and safe for operation. Brakes MUST be set to keep the scissor lift stable when in use to keep the lift secure.

Train Your Workers

All scissor lift operators must receive training to operate scissor lifts safely. Training must include: manufacturer’s instructions; handling materials; weight limits and capacities; working on or around hazards; recognizing equipment repairs and maintenance needs, and preventing accidents.

To learn more, OSHA provides a helpful page about working safely with scissor lifts.

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