Industrial Batteries & Chargers

Hugg & Hall offers an extensive line of reserve power batteries, chargers & services, but we’re proud to partner with EnerSys. EnerSys has the solutions and services to deliver a full turnkey power solution, and our sales team is ready to help you achieve your goals.

Popular EnerSys batteries include: NexSys, Odyssey, IRONCLAD, PowerSafe, DataSafe, SuperSafe, Genesis, & Cyclon batteries. Popular EnerSys chargers include: Hawker, Express, & IMPAQ. EnerSys battery technologies include: VRLA (Valve Regulated, Lead-Acid), VLA (Flooded Lead-Acid), Tubular, TPPL (Thin Plate, Pure Lead), Lithium Ion, & Pure Lead.

EnerSys NexSys battery line includes ion, TPPL Blocs, & TPPL batteries. The Ion batteries are built to the highest safety, design & manufacturing standards. These are ideal for heavy-duty operations and applications. The NexSys chargers have high charge rates that dramatically reduce recharge times and permit opportunity charging to increase productivity and boost fleet efficiency.

The IRONCLAD Deserthog batteries feature a unique square tube technology. The Deserthog battery is built for higher performance with reduced maintenance. It holds up to 132% more water than conventional batteries, reducing watering intervals and maintenance costs.

Please visit the attached PDF links for a full overview of EnerSys products and information.

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