It’s Your Chance to Win!

We are giving away a pair of forks* to one lucky winner! To qualify fill out the form below!


Submit that bad boy and wait for our winner to be drawn May 8th! We promise this is not a joke (more like a pot of 💰 at the end of a 🌈), so scroll down and get typing. If you’re not very lucky, check out our parts catalog for great deals on forks!!



  • the shank and blade angle exceed 93 degrees
  • the shank or the blade are bent
  • the fork has cracks in the surface
  • the difference between the height of each tips exceeds three percent of the length of the blade

Fork Giveaway

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*Prize forks are 1.5” X 4” X 42 Class 2 Standard Forks retailing at $500. Size-up will be made available if the forks will not work for the winner; this will incur an additional fee of the difference.