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Skyjack Lift 3219 | Common Errors & Quick Fixes

In this video our Rental Equipment Shop Technician, Nick Chaney addresses some common errors & quick fixes you might encounter when working with our 3219 Skyjack lift! If you’re still experiencing technical issues please contact our service department, we would be happy to assist you!



Hey, I’m Nick Chaney with Hugg & Hall Equipment out of Springdale, Arkansas. Today I’m going to go over common errors, common problems on a 3219 Skyjack Scissor Lift.

First off, we’re going to start with no power, if you get to the machine and it’s not coming on or anything – you’ve got two E-stops, one in the platform and one in the base. You want to turn it on, but you want to have both on at the same time. Make sure your key switch is in the right position, and also, you’ve got a battery safety switch you want to make sure that is on also.

That pretty much solves your power issues, you’ll have a red light right here that tells you that it’s on. You can kind of function test it, make sure it works. With that, now sometimes you get a common problem where it wont lift, you can hear it trying to lift but it doesn’t lift. Sometimes it’s the value right here, the safety valve, but it will get opened up, and it will cause the lift not to go up.

Also, if it’s not driving, you’ve got a switch right here that if it gets opened up it won’t drive. So, you want to close those up, and normally that will solve your problem. Also another problem is you’ve got this connector hook right here, if you’re in rain, if you’re in water; any kind of precipitation, sometimes water will get in there – you just want to unplug it kind of rinse it, blow it out, and plug it back in and sometimes that will solve your issue right there.

Those are pretty much the basics, problems, common calls we get for units out on the jobsite. So, if there is anything else, if you are still having problems, go ahead and give your local Hugg & Hall a call, and we can get someone out, or we can get it picked up and brought to our shop and get it fixed.