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Employee Spotlight: Stephen Messonnier

Employee Spotlight: Stephen Messonnier

Meet Stephen Messonnier, Outside Salesperson in Destrehan!

Stephen Messonnier smiles while wearing an LSU-purple Hugg & Hall polo.

Stephen is a New Orleans native who currently lives in Metairie.

Stephen has been with Hugg & Hall for two years, but he’s a veteran in the industry. Prior to his time at Hugg & Hall, he worked for Scott Equipment from 1995-2008.

For readers who aren’t aware, in 2019, Hugg & Hall and Scott Equipment traded dealer lines. Scott Equipment received our Volvo line and we received their Toyota line. Several Scott employees joined Hugg & Hall in the trade. 

Stephen said he loves being back in the industry, “selling equipment and seeing many of the familiar faces I worked with at Scott.”

Stephen also has experience as a manager, as he spent the 14 years after he left Scott Equipment managing districts for Amerigas Propane.


Stephen’s role at Hugg & Hall

As an Outside Salesperson, Stephen says that every day is different, but there are a few constants.

“I spend some days in the office doing quotes and handling issues. Other days I am in the field, calling on existing customers or making cold calls to generate new business. I love to meet new customers and learn how they got started in their present business.”

Stephen also enjoys working with his coworkers and supervisors. “I really like working for Tim Waychoff (VP of Sales) and Ray White (Regional Sales Manager). They let me do my job and they’re available to answer any questions or help solve an issue.”


Stephen’s life outside of work is always interesting!

When he’s not at Hugg & Hall, Stephen can be found spending time with his wife of 32 years and his three daughters and one son-in-law. He loves to play sand volleyball with family and friends.

He stayed close to New Orleans because it’s a truly great place to live! “There’s always something to do in the New Orleans area. Festivals, Mardi Gras, Lake Pontchartrain, great restaurants, and a short ride to the Gulf Coast.”

Stephen is also a fan of wrestling! He said, “Something my coworkers might not know is that I was the head wrestling coach at Catholic High in Baton Rouge for five years during the 1980s.” Though he’s since left coaching, he carries that love of mentoring and helping people do their best.

We love to share our employees’ favorite quotes! They always give us some interesting insight into how they approach their jobs and their lives outside of work.

Stephen’s favorite quote is from the comedy Talladega Nights: “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” With Stephen’s job performance, we know he always strives to be first!

A big thank you to Stephen Messonnier for all your hard work!

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